Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp & Resort Review (in Jordan)

Deciding which camp to stay at in Wadi Rum is hard. What’s the difference between the Wadi Rum camps? Which Wadi Rum camp is best? How on earth do you decide? Well, here’s a strong vouch for the Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp Experience… 

Some divine intervention led us to Desert Magic Camp & Resort, which was the perfect choice. Staying here was a real highlight of our 7 day Jordan tour itinerary – it was just the best experience for me, my toddler son, and our friend Emily.

With what seemed like 100s of options for a Wadi Rum Desert camp – all very similar – I really didn’t know which one to go for. But, turns out we made the right choice in searching for Wadi Rum desert camps – let me show you why.

About Wadi Rum 

Wadi Rum Magic Desert Camp

Wadi Rum is so striking it’s been used for sets like set for movies like The Martian and Lawrence of Arabia. It’s one of the absolute must stops on a trip to Jordan.

‘Wadi Rum’ is a protected area in Jordan. At 720 km2 (280 sq mi) it’s the largest wadi (river valley) in the country. Visit, and you could stay in a camp, go on a guided tour in a jeep or on foot (or on camel), go sandboarding and stargazing too. People have lived here for many, many years, and continue to do so in the traditional way.

views of wadi rum

You can see inscriptions and petroglyphs from prehistoric civilisations on the rocks to prove it.

The welcome at Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

We’d had 3 nights in Jordan by the time we got to the Wadi Rum Desert Magic camp, and three wonderful but long days. We were all pretty tired from the travel and sightseeing, and definitely needed a day of not doing so much.

Wadi Rum was the perfect place for this. 

After some misunderstanding about where we were to be dropped off, our taxi driver phoned the camp owners and we were united. The standard taxi couldn’t hack the sand of the desert and so we jumped into the passenger seat of the camp owned jeep, with all of our luggage thrown in the back. 

driving into wadi rum

It’d been a long (4 hours+) journey, and we all needed to stretch our legs, and get a nice cold drink. Thankfully it was only a few minutes drive to the camp from our drop off point.

We passed a camel!

The driver put the window down for Reggie to see it better. Reggie soon realised how to put it up again, saying ‘byeeee’ to the camel as he did so. Good comedic timing son!

We checked in, had a refreshing tea in front of the air con, and ordered our jeep tour, dinner and breakfast for the next day. As we relaxed at reception after the long journey, the bedouins there entertained Reggie – teaching him to fist pump while we drank a really good, ice cold Coca Cola. 

Life was good!

Food at Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

Let me take you through the meals at the Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp, so you know what to expect.

Breakfast: eggs, wraps, and the star of the show for Reggie and I were the locally made semolina pancakes. We drenched them in honey, and wow they went down well with a few chopped prunes.

eating at Wadi Rum desert camp

Lunch: On the second day we ordered lunch before we went and had some pita bread, with chicken, chips and salad. Absolutely perfect for us to fuel us for the long journey ahead to Amman.

Dinner: dinner on the first night was a Zarb BBQ.

“Zarb is a traditional Bedouin style of cooking where marinated meat and vegetables are buried in an oven dug in sandy ground. This method allows the food to slow-cook in its juices, resulting in tender, flavourful meat and perfectly cooked vegetables.”


It was so good, and an amazing experience for Reggie too. We filled up on all you can eat buffet style as it was set out in the dining hall after we all witnessed it be pulled from the ground.

inside the camp

After a good feed we sat around the campfire with the rest of the guests watching the bedouins jam, while Reggie danced along to the music and stalked for cats.

Toddler note: Reggie didn’t really eat much here. He picked at the bread and a few chips. Thankfully I’d put in some of those HIPP Organic meals for my Jordan packing list, and so he got through one of those for his dinner back in the room. Blurry evidence of him wolfing down a spag bol back in the room!

Note the camel on his chair that one of the Bedouins gave him – our favourite souvenir from Jordan!

dinner reggie

After dinner snack: all the guests were sat outside on the chairs and sofas and they came round with some baklava. I took two bits on the pretence one was for Reggie, although clearly I wasn’t going to give him that much sugar. So happy I did. One was a standard delicious baklava, while the other was a nest of crispy shredded phyllo dough filled with some kind of nutella mix. So, so, good.

It could’ve been the lack of sugar over the last few days, or could be that it was just all round delicious, but I won’t forget the taste of that. Pretty special!

Accommodation at Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

I’d booked the super luxury room at the Wadi Rum Desert Magic Experience, as is my way now.

So glad I did.

We had a huge room, with just a bed, sofa and chest of drawers in it. This meant there was plenty of space for Reggie to move about and play with his toys, without worrying about him hurting himself or damaging hotel property.

Both of us could relax.

staying at wadi rum desert magic

I moved the bed against the wall, and Reggie slept with me in there. There was no cot, as I’d requested, but as it was the fourth night of a cot no show by now, I was used to this. I was also enjoying the feeling of him nuzzled up to me at night. It was reassuring for both of us in such different surroundings. 

We both slept so well that night. The best sleep of the trip so far in fact!

The bathroom was great at the Desert Camp Magic in Wadi Rum. Clean, modern, enough hot water, and spacious. Reggie could play with his toys in there while I had a proper shower, without worrying and popping my head out to check on him every few seconds. 

Tours at Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

Desert Camp run many tours, but for Reggie, we just went for the shortest sunset tour.

cruising round wadi rum

A two-hour sunset tour was perfect for us.

We were the only people in the jeep, and drove around to 5 different spots in the desert.

One of the highlights was Reggie sitting in the sand, getting a bit aggy – until our driver came over, took Reggie’s shoes off and dug his feet into the sand telling him to feel the energy.

desert magic camp

A smile spread across Reggie’s face, it just warmed my heart.

We saw the Lawrence of Arabia House, some cool rock formations, and then settled with tea on an open fire while we watched the sun set.

drinking tea

tea in the desert wadi rum

The rest of the desert magic camp resort residents went out stargazing in the jeep that night, but Reggie and I went back to our luxury hut. He went to sleep (very easily!) and I lay in my hammock on the terrace stargazing with an app on my phone.

That bright star there is Uranus!

stargazing wadi rum

This was a real highlight on our Jordan travel itinerary, and felt like the first time I’d properly relaxed since about a week before setting off!

I could see him through the window, lying in bed, just in case you were concerned!

Relaxing at Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

me attempting sandboarding

In the morning we tried a bit of sandboarding (so hot!), had a wonderful breakfast and lunch, and relaxed in the traditional Bedouin area.

Reggie had some YouTube time in the room in front of the fan, I got to lie on the hammock, and we just chilled before the long journey that afternoon.

There was plenty you could do if you wanted a more active morning though!

Leaving Wadi Rum Desert Magic Camp

experiencing wadi rum

We booked our transfer to leave at 12:30. It’s best to get the staff at the Desert Magic Camp to talk with your taxi driver on the phone to confirm pick up locations. I’d unfortunately told him to go to the visitor centre, which was apparently miles away. If you can, just get them to confirm when you check in.

All was ok, but I felt like we had to give more of a tip for the inconvenience, and it messed with Reggie’s carefully planned nap times in the car!

our wadi rum camp

We were sad to leave, but I think 22 hours was a good amount of time to spend in Wadi Rum if you only have a week in Jordan. We’d done everything we wanted to, and seen what we came to see.

tents at wadi rum

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Wadi Rum Desert Camp to anyone. The staff were wonderful, the food was great, we had the best sleep and the jeep excursion was perfectly paced.

Let me know if you stay there!

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