We know planning a trip to Morocco, be it for business or a personal vacation, can be an exciting time. There are many options when it comes to researching flights to Morocco from the USA. Here, we will specifically be talking about flying from the United States (US) to Morocco.
There are limited options when it comes to direct flights to Morocco. While Royal Air Maroc, the Moroccan national carrier, is opening up more routes from US cities they are limited.
Currently, you can fly from Boston, New York (JFK), Washington-Dulles, and Miami to Casablanca. If you prefer a direct option you’ll need to choose one of these.

What is the best time to travel to Morocco?

With a varied landscape, the best time to visit Morocco depends on whether a tourist wants to visit the beaches, mountains, or want to undertake a desert trip. Weather-wise, the best time to take Morocco tours is between October and June when the temperatures are congenial.

Which airlines travel direct to Morocco from the USA?

Currently, Royal Air Maroc is the only airline offering direct flights from the USA to Morocco.

Which are the popular airports in Morocco?

• Mohammed V International Airport.
• Marrakech Menara Airport.
• Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport.
• Agadir Al Massira Airport.
• Fes Saiss airport.

What are the things to do in Morocco?

Morocco is the first destination for tourism in Africa, adjoining the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is located in northern Africa. The country is a culturally varied ancient land with a wonderful landscape. Berber ( IMAZIGHEN ), Moorish, European, Jewish and Arabian influences add to its linguistic, gastronomic, and architectural array. The country hosts a number of interesting events and festivals annually. A former French colony, Morocco boasts French colonial buildings, centuries-old medinas (old city center), opulent palaces, elaborate mosques, hammams, and shrines reflecting its heritage.

What are the top tourist attraction cities in Morocco?

• Marrakesh.
• Casablanca.
• Chefchaouen.
• Fes.
• Meknes.
• Sahara desert.
• Ouarzazate.
• Essaouira.
• Agadir.
• Sidi Ifni.
• Tangier.

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