Top ten most crowded cities with tourists per square kilometer

To identify the world’s most visited cities by square kilometer, Deluxe Holiday Homes analyzed data such as visitor numbers, city populations and geographical areas in km². The primary focus was to rank cities based on visitor density per square kilometer. Each city’s unique appeal was added to provide qualitative insights to touristic destinations.

Findings summed up

Cities Visitors per year Population Area, km² Visitors per km² Visitors per population
Paris 36,900,000 2,161,000 105 351,429 1708%
Bern 4,390,000 133,115 51.62 85,045 3298%
Chicago 48,900,000 2,697,000 600 81,500 1813%
New York City 63,300,000 8,468,000 783.8 80,760 748%
Stockholm 14,400,000 975,551 188 76,596 1476%
Amsterdam 15,700,000 821,752 219.4 71,559 1911%
Budapest 30,000,000 1,756,000 525 57,143 1708%
Los Angeles 50,300,000 3,849,000 1,210 41,570 1307%
Rome 35,000,000 2,873,000 1,290 27,132 1218%
Bucharest 5,000,000 1,830,000 226 22,124 273%

Paris ranks 1st on the list of the most visited cities with 351K visitors per km² annually. Paris attracts tourists not just with its high visitor density but also for its art, history, and gastronomy. The city’s high visitor-to-population ratio of 17 shows visitors’ attraction.

Bern ranks 2nd most visited city with 85K visitors per km² annually. Bern is the smallest and the least populated city on the list, but has the highest visitor-to-population ratio of 3297%. This is the most extreme example of a small city’s population being outnumbered by its tourists.

With 81K visitors per km², Chicago is the 3rd most visited city. Tourists are drawn to Chicago not only for its architecture but also for its rich culture, jazz music and arts, making it a highlight of American cultural experiences.

New York City ranks 4th most visited city, with 80K visitors per km² annually. The city stands out with the highest annual number of visitors on the list (63 million), who want experience the New York City shown in movies and TV series.

Having 76K visitors per km² annually, Stockholm is the 5th most visited city. This city attracts tourists with one of the “greenest” environments in the world, making it a leading example of a city in harmony with nature.

Amsterdam ranks 6th as the most visited city with 71.6K visitors per km² annually. It has one of the highest visitor-to-population ratios, getting 19 visitors per resident (second on the list), wanting to experience the art, history, and vibrant urban life. Budapest is the 7th most visited city with 57.14K visitors per km² annually. The city attracts 30 million annual visitors with its cultural and historical scenes.

The 8th most visited city is Los Angeles with 41.57K visitors per km² annually. The city is attractive to tourists for Hollywood’s glamorous lifestyle, and diverse attractions from beaches to studios.

Rome is 9th on the ranking with 27.13K visitors per km² annually and the largest area on the list. The Eternal City gets attention for its  ancient history and modern urban life, attracting 35 million visitors yearly.

Bucharest rounds off the top 10 with 22.12K visitors per km² annually. It is highlighted for having the lowest visitor-to-population ratio on the list, attracting only double of its population, coming to experience Eastern Europe’s urban life.

Commenting on research, a spokesperson from Deluxe Holiday Homes says, “While Paris remains a favorite destination for travelers, a shift to less touristic places is observed, driven by a wanting less crowded experiences. Despite this trend, Paris continues to hold its position as the most preferred destination and is expected to draw even more visitors while hosting Olympic Games 2024.”


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