Top destinations for ‘Sober Travel’

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Vacations are a time to unwind, explore new destinations, and spend time with loved ones. For many, this includes kicking back with an alcoholic beverage. However, for a growing number of travelers, alcohol-free vacations are becoming increasingly popular.  In fact, one survey with 20,000 respondents found that 40 percent were likely to take a detox trip in 2024.

Another study has found younger people, in particular, are drinking less than previous generations. So, with more people opting to cut back on drinking during their vacation, or skip it altogether – which are the best destinations for travelers looking to avoid a booze?

To find out which city offers the best opportunity for a sober vacation, InsureMyTrip looked at eight different ranking factors. These include the cost of a domestic beer, average annual alcohol consumption per person, the number of national parks and world heritage sites, and the average cost of a wellness retreat.

The latest available data for each city is standardized in each category. The data is standardized using min-max normalization and values were multiplied by 10 to create a score from 0 to 10.

The study reveals that Asian destinations are the best for a sober vacation, with six countries from the continent featuring in the top 10. One report found that there is a growing number of ‘sober curious’ people in Asia Pacific, with more people opting for non-alcoholic beverages.

In first position is Nepal, with an overall score of 7.02.  Nepal, the home of Mount Everest, is not just a perfect destination for adventurers looking to climb the world’s highest summit. For those looking to unwind and relax, Nepal has highly rated national parks (4.62/5) and spas (4.45/5). Wellness retreats are also among the most affordable in the study, costing an average $584.

Tourism numbers in Nepal have been steadily increasing following the pandemic, with the country welcoming more than one million tourists in 2023. However, Nepal is still a hidden gem, with neighboring countries receiving millions more tourists yearly. For those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of more popular tourist destinations, Nepal offers a perfect retreat.


Nepal also scores highly for low alcohol consumption. With an average alcohol consumption of just 1.36 liters per person per year, drinking alcohol is not as prevalent as in other countries in the study.  For an alternative drinking experience, tea tours are an ideal option. Farmers in Nepal grow a range of high-quality teas and tea tourism is growing in popularity. These experiences offer tourists a unique opportunity to stay on farms and make tea themselves.

Morocco, in North Africa, closely follows Nepal, with an overall score of 7. Morocco is ranked highly due to the average cost of its wellness retreats ($808), which is less than half the average cost of a wellness retreat in the study ($1,790).

Morocco is known for its rich culture and history and there is an abundance of markets, beaches, museums, and monuments to explore. For those looking to spend their time being pampered, spas in the country are well-rated (4.43/5).

Alcohol consumption in the country is also very low, with tourists limited to drinking in specific areas, making it ideal for those opting for an alcohol-free trip. The average alcohol consumption per person per year in Morocco is just 0.49 liters.

In third position is the Central American nation of Costa Rica, with an overall score of 6.73. It received the highest score in the study for its national parks (4.74/5). This destination is known for its lush forests, volcanos, and waterfalls – perfect for reconnecting with nature. Spas on the in Costa Rica are also rated highly (4.63/5).

The average alcohol consumption per person per year is 3.45 liters. While this is slightly higher than the average alcohol consumption in Nepal and Morocco, it is still much lower than the study average (7.09 liters).

Retreats in Costa Rica cost an average of $1807, which is slightly higher than the study average ($1,790). This expense contributes to Costa Rica’s slightly lower ranking.

In fourth and fifth position are Turkey and Greece with overall scores of 6.57 and 6.41 respectively. Turkey is highly rated for its low alcohol consumption (1.82 liters per person per year on average). Turkey also has the second-highest number of eco-certified spas in the top 10 (185). The average cost of a wellness retreat is $2,898, which is by far the most expensive in the top five. This expense contributes to Turkey’s slightly lower score.

Greece has the best-rated spas in the top five (4.71/5) and the highest number of eco-certified spas (300), making it an ideal destination for a relaxing trip. However, the high average alcohol consumption per person per year (7.12 liters) contributed to its lower ranking in the study.

In overall categories for best things to do and best for relaxation, Greece comes out top while Jordan, in seventh position, received the best overall score for low alcohol consumption.

Sara Boisvert, Director of Marketing at InsureMyTrip commented on the findings:    With the increased popularity of wellness vacations – it’s only natural these travelers would be looking to cut down or eliminate alcohol consumption on these trips. Our goal for this study was to make it easy for sober travelers to find the vacation destination of their dreams.



The post Top destinations for ‘Sober Travel’ appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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