The UK’s most expensive airports for parking

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New research has revealed that London City Airport is the most expensive airport in the UK for parking. According to the figures, it costs an average of £213.14 for two weeks’ parking at the capital’s most central airport, making it the most expensive out of the country’s 19 busiest airports.

The research, compiled by MyVoucherCodes, reviewed the costs for two weeks’ parking at over 140 car parks across the country’s 19 busiest airports. It found that, over 13 months, London City Airport had the highest average price for a parking space at the airport.

The other airports in the capital also proved to be particularly costly for those needing to park their car, as all five of London’s major airports ranked in the top 10. Heathrow was the least expensive of these, costing an average of £127.99, over £80 less.

In fact, airport parking in London was noticeably more expensive than elsewhere in the country. The average cost of an airport parking spot in London was found to be £166.44, whereas the average for the rest of the UK was only £123.52 – a difference of £43.

The 10 most expensive airports for car parking in the UK can be found below:

Top 10 most expensive airports for car parking
Airport Average parking cost for two weeks
London City £213.14
London Gatwick £193.14
Birmingham £176.14
Bournemouth £171.45
Bristol £153.33
London Luton £151.20
London Stansted £146.71
Cardiff £135.38
London Heathrow £127.99
Manchester Airport £125.44

This trend continues across the south of the country, as the figures showed a clear north-south divide in airport parking fees. Only one northern airport ranked among the 10 most expensive to park at, with Manchester Airport costing an average of £125.44 for two weeks, making it the tenth most expensive overall.

It also revealed that airport parking is more expensive in England than in Scotland. The average cost for a parking space north of the border is £101.15, while, in comparison, the average price in England is £144.95 – a whole £43.80 more.

On the other end of the scale, Liverpool was found to be the cheapest place for airport parking out of the UK’s biggest airports. Parking for a fortnight at Liverpool John Lennon Airport costs an average of just £80.46 – over £130 less than the average parking price at London City Airport. Glasgow (£87.08), East Midlands (£101.76) and Edinburgh (£104.43) also boasted some of the lowest average prices for parking.

Sarah-Jane Outten, savings expert at MyVoucherCodes, said: “There’s a clear difference in what flyers are paying for their airport parking across the country. Those in the south are being hit with particularly pricey rates, while travellers departing from Liverpool are enjoying some of the lowest prices available out of the nation’s biggest airports.

“Airport parking can be costly, giving travellers all the more reason to find ways to save where they can. Park & ride and off-airport car parks tend to be the cheapest, so consider booking a space at one of these if you want to cut costs. Also, some car parks were cheaper if you booked further in advance, so it can be worth booking sooner rather than later if you can.”

“Plus, while it’s not one of the categories vouchers are used the most on, many airport car parks offer discount codes for their spaces. So, it’s worth checking if any deals are available for car parks at your departure airport before finalising your booking.”



The post The UK’s most expensive airports for parking appeared first on Brand TD.

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