Sensational Routes For Hiking And Trekking Around Morocco

Morocco’s diverse terrain varies from region to region. From lush forests with spectacular gorges and bizarre rock formations to magnificent canyons with crystalline waterfalls and valleys surrounded by massive mountain peaks, you can trek all the way to the turquoise sea or the deep blue ocean. Hiking and trekking around Morocco will create memories that you would never forget.

Discover the southern, arid landscapes near the desert of Morocco and take a Sahara Desert trek to explore its golden-orange sand dunes. Wander your way off the beaten paths and discover remote, Amazigh/Berber villages to learn more about the culture of Morocco.

You could spend months exploring all of its majestic, natural beauty before ever setting foot in a city. Morocco truly is a nature lover paradise so here’s a breakdown of where to explore.

Rif Mountains – Trekking around Morocco

This mountain range extends from Tangier in the North to the Moroccan/Algerian border. Remote and rugged, these mountains were once the perfect hideout for the indigenous Amazigh/Berber tribes and the Andalusian Muslim emigrants from Spain to escape from foreign invaders. Today, the Rif Mountains continue to be home to the Moroccan fir tree that is under threat from extinction.

Hiking around Talassemtane National Park you can see these majestic trees along with Atlas cedars and many different species of flora and fauna plus amazing views of Jbel Tidirhine, the highest peak of the Rif range. For easy access to the Rif Mountains, you can hike trails from Chefchaouen taking a day-long trek just outside of the city.

There are incredible sea views from here without having to climb the highest peak in Morocco. For more experienced trekkers, spend an entire day climbing Jebel al-Kalaa.

The Rif Mountains are far less traveled than most leaving much to be discovered.

Sahara Desert Tour - Trekking Around Morocco - Akchour Waterfall

High Atlas – Trekking around Morocco

The High Atlas range is a primarily forested region full of gorges, valleys, and canyons. Here is where North Africa’s highest peak, Jebel Toubkal rises to 4167 meters high. If you’re up for a strenuous, trekking challenge, this is the place for you.

Trekking the Toubkal Circuit at Toubkal National Park is no easy feat, but definitely, a rewarding experience that is unforgettable. This expedition should only be attempted by trekkers with extensive experience and a guide is recommended for your safety.

You can also trek through the spectacular and diverse terrain of the Dades Valley. Choose from day-long treks or multi-day excursions through lush, date palm grove oases and pass through Amazigh/Berber villages, wander through red rock gorges that contract and expand going from narrow to wide as you explore along the Draa river that takes you near the edge of the Sahara. This valley is often referred to as the ‘’Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs’’ since there once were several along this ancient caravan route, but now only ruins remain.

Explore a little south of the High Atlas Mountains and you will discover the fascinating Ounila Valley. Trek through caves in the sandstone facades of cliffs or marvel at the strange and surreal beauty of the famous ‘’Monkey Fingers’’, bizarre, eroded sandstone rock formations reminiscent of a terrestrial landscape.

A trek through the lush and majestic valley of Ait Bouguemez will leave you awestruck. The trails here are mostly flat so it’s fairly easy for pleasant hikes that don’t distract from the breathtaking scenery. Wander past fields of walnut, apple, and juniper trees as you pass through authentic Amazigh/Berber villages with mud-brick houses where you’ll likely see farmers tending to their fields. This tranquil valley is an unspoiled treasure that is sure to leave you with a unique experience to remember.

Sahara Desert Tour - Trekking Around Morocco - High Atlas

Middle Atlas – Trekking around Morocco

Located in central Morocco, between Fez and Marrakech, the Middle Atlas is full of amazing trekking adventures that await you. The highest peak is Jbel Bou Naceur at 3340 meters high. You can trek through winding canyons and hike through the stunning cedar forests where you just might be lucky enough to spot an endangered Barbary macaque (primate).  Cool off after a long day’s trek in one of many lakes found in this region.

Experience and explore the magic of the Ouzoud Waterfalls or discover ancient fossils from the Mesozoic Age at M’Goun Geopark. This park spans an impressive 5,700 km and includes 15 municipalities. Hiking around this fascinating, archaeological territory, you’re likely to see dinosaur footprints and endangered species that inhabit the area.

Ifrane National Park is a must for nature lovers and there are several trails to explore depending on your preference level. This picturesque landscape is full of oak, cedar, and juniper trees and home to many animal species including foxes, jackals, Barbary macaques, and squirrels, just to name a few. There are many places you can stop along the way for a picnic or a swim in one of the many lakes.

The Panorama Trail is spectacular and you can marvel at the snow-capped peaks of Jbel Tichoukt and Jbel Boublane in the distance. Winter is a fantastic time to venture through here as the snow transforms the forest into a glistening wonderland. Another great place to go hiking around is Tazekka National Park with its treasure troves of caves, canyons, forests, and cascades.

Sahara Desert Tour - Trekking Around Morocco - Middle Atlas

Anti-Atlas – Trekking around Morocco

Full of dramatic gorges and remote journeys, the Anti-Atlas or Lesser Atlas run south along the Atlantic coast and border the Sahara. This mountain range is the range less traveled by tourists but this means more hidden gems left untouched just waiting to be explored by you!

The landscape is barren and rocky with a jagged, craggy terrain, but it mesmerizes with its pink, purple and ochre hues that give it even more of a magical feel. Despite the dry landscape, the infamous Argan trees grow here and you will definitely see an extraordinary sight: goats hanging out on the branches high up in the tree feeding on the fruits.

Sahara Desert Tour - Trekking Around Morocco - Anti Atlas

Anti-Atlas is a great place to explore after your camel tour or Sahara Desert trip. There are plenty of incredible places to hike around the area that surrounds Jebel el Kest (Afa-n-Tmezgadiwine) is east of the Atlas that rises 2359 m/ 7740 ft.

Adrar Mkorn is another peak to trek at 2344m and has twin peaks and it’s quite a workout to get there.

Hiking through the popular and picturesque Paradise Valley located near Agadir offers plenty of opportunities to cool off and swim in natural pools that you’ll find along the way.

Jbel Saghro is definitely the driest area and you’ll discover a variety of trails that lead to remote, Amazigh/Berber villages. Other trails lead to caves with cave paintings.

Wander through the Ameln Valley with its lush, green pastures where goats graze and wild boars roam in this charming landscape. You can leisurely stroll from village to village (there are over 25 so it could become quite a long hike) passing by almond orchards and palm oases.

Sahara Desert Tour - Trekking Around Morocco

There is no limit to Morocco’s amazing geography and there is so much that is yet to be discovered.

Looking for a hassle-free experience, choose a Morocco tour package with treks from Marrakech, Casablanca, and other major cities.

All-year-round outdoor hikes and trekking are possible, so let the adventures begin!

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