Security experts reveal 6 things you MUST do to keep safe in a taxi

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Shahzad Ali, Security Expert and CEO of Get Licensed has shared six expert tips on how to stay safe in a taxi. 

1 – Check the door for child lock

As you get into the taxi, always reopen the door after getting in. Reopening the door from the inside ensures that no child lock is enforced on the door, meaning you have full control of when you exit the vehicle. You can easily disguise this by acting or pretending that the door didn’t close properly.

2 – Seating

The safest seat in a taxi is behind the driver, so always sit here, especially when travelling alone. Sitting behind the driver makes it harder for them to intimidate or overpower you. It’s also more difficult for the driver to turn around to touch or grab you. Sitting on the driver’s side makes it harder for people on the pavement to open a door and grab you or your belongings.

3 – Check and take a picture of the driver’s ID

Every taxi driver should have their identification displayed for drivers and passengers. A driver’s identification badge should include their name, a photo of themselves, their badge number and the council it was issued by. Double-check the resemblance between the driver and their identification photo when entering the taxi. Once you’re happy with that, quickly and discreetly take a picture of their badge and send it to a friend or family member.

4 – Send a location to a friend/family member

Once you’re in your taxi, share your location with a friend or family member. It’s also a good idea to send them the location you were picked up from and your destination to make it easier for them to spot whether you are going off route. If you’re travelling with Uber, you can share your status with up to five people in your contacts. They will receive a text containing your trip’s relevant details, including the driver’s name, vehicle information, and real-time map location.

5 – Leave your DNA

It may sound terrifying, but leaving your DNA in the taxi is an excellent precaution. You can do this by pressing your fingerprints on the window and seats or leaving hair on the floor. This is because if anything were to happen, it would be evidence that you were in that car.

6 – Phone a friend

Calling and speaking to a friend in the taxi is a great way to reduce the risk of anything happening. When on the phone, clearly state that you are in a taxi en route to your destination and offer an expected arrival time. It tells the driver that someone is waiting for you at your destination and that an immediate search will start from the taxi. If a friend cannot answer the phone, you can pretend to be on the phone for the duration of your trip or as you enter the taxi.



The post Security experts reveal 6 things you MUST do to keep safe in a taxi appeared first on Brand TD.

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