ONYX Hospitality Group unveils signature scents for its Amari and Shama Brands

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ONYX Hospitality Group embarks on a new sensory journey with the launch of signature scents for its distinct brands, Amari and Shama. These bespoke fragrances, meticulously crafted around the tagline “Freedom to Explore” for Shama and “Brighten Your World” for Amari, promise to transport guests to a world of fragrant harmony from the moment they step into the welcoming lobbies.

“Explore Bliss by Shama”: Evoking the spirit of discovery and boundless exploration, “Explore Bliss by Shama” unfolds with a vibrant medley of crisp green and citrus notes, reminiscent of lush landscapes. This invigorating opening gives way to a harmonious dance of jasmine, lily of the valley, and ylang-ylang, delicately laced with rosemary and ginger. The scent culminates in a warm embrace of musk and woody base notes. The vibrant scent evokes purity, transparency, warmth and cosiness, crafting an enchanting and enduring sensory journey for all of Shama’s guests, further enhancing the home away from home experience.

The Shama brand is renowned for its commitment to providing contemporary, stylish, and spacious serviced apartments, where vibrant community thrives in a cosy homely haven. At each Shama property, a true sanctuary of belonging is created – strangers become family, greeted with open arms and a sense of home.

The Shama foundation is built on community, fostering heartwarming connections. Whether a brief visit or settling in for an extended stay, everyone is embraced as part of the Shama family. Spaces are thoughtfully curated to encourage residents and neighbours to relax and connect, inviting them to uncover hidden charms of the neighbourhood with the freedom to explore. Shama embodies tranquillity, echoed in the brand’s rippling logo representing lively local cultures and daily experiences.

“Amari Thai Twist”: Embracing the spirit of joyful connection and cultural vibrancy, “Amari Thai Twist” captivates with a modern interpretation of Thai heritage. Top notes of exotic Champaca flower, blend seamlessly with citrus and fruity nuances, painting a picture of sun-drenched beaches and tropical delights. The middle notes reveal a delicate interplay of jasmine tea, freesia, and osmanthus, showcasing a refined sweetness. Finally, the fragrance rests on a foundation of musk and woody amber, adding depth and sophistication.

“Amari Thai Twist” is an elegant fragrance, a modern design of complexity yet simplicity, to create a delightful and memorable olfactory journey for all Amari guests. The combination of Champaca, which is the backbone of the European “Joy” fragrance that has been famous for more than 80 years, together with the traditional Asian subtlety of the Osmanthus Flower, suggests a vibrant organisation proud of its Asian roots but with a strong multicultural and forward-thinking outlook, reflecting the values of the Amari brand. Amari stands as the centrepiece within ONYX Hospitality Group’s diverse portfolio, embodying the warmth and dynamism of a continually evolving modern Asia. With properties spanning Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives, and beyond, every Amari location serves as a vibrant reflection of its unique setting, offering contemporary spaces brimming with energy and local menus crafted for shared experiences with family and friends.

Amari’s dedication to enriching every delightful moment goes beyond typical hospitality. Every facet, from architecture to design, art, cuisine, and service, reflects the distinctive essence of its locale. From picturesque coastlines to dynamic city centres, Amari cherishes guests’ moments of joy, merging local heritage with vibrant experiences, with the aim of achieving the brand’s tagline: ‘Brighten Your World’. Always forward-thinking and attuned to the needs of guests, Amari provides personalised warmth at every guest interaction, ensuring every stay is a celebration of contemporary luxury rooted in tradition.

At the heart of both scents lies jasmine, a blossom deeply woven into the cultural tapestry of Southeast Asia. This fragrant choice not only pays homage to the region’s heritage but also subtly infuses the atmosphere with the flower’s well-known wellness benefits, known to boost mood, promote relaxation, enhance focus, and even assist with enjoying a peaceful deep slumber.

The creation of these signature scents represents ONYX Hospitality Group’s dedication to enriching the guest experiences at every touchpoint. By capturing the essence of the Amari and Shama brands and weaving in the richness of Southeast Asian culture and wellness, the signature scents are designed to evoke a sense of belonging, discovery, and joy whilst evoking memories to last long after the guests have returned home. The scents will become unforgettable beacons welcoming back returning travellers.

The “Explore Bliss by Shama” scent will be gradually introduced throughout 2024, while “Amari Thai Twist” is already welcoming guests across Amari properties.


The post ONYX Hospitality Group unveils signature scents for its Amari and Shama Brands appeared first on Brand TD.

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