Is ResortPass Worth It? An Honest Review

Everyone could use a vacation. But if you’re not looking for an overnight stay, booking platform ResortPass lets users purchase such luxury hotel amenities as spa, beach, and pool access in more than 250 U.S. cities, with bookable options starting at $25.

How does ResortPass work?

Founded in May 2016 by U.S. entrepreneur Amanda Szabo, ResortPass currently partners with more than 1,000 hotels across the country. Using the site is easy: Type in a city, state, or zip code, and the platform will list associated hotels and their respective offers. From there? It’s as simple as browsing the options, picking a date, and purchasing on the spot. (Note that new users will have to create a free account.)

What are the pros and cons of ResortPass?

AFAR senior travel news editor Michelle Baran is a ResortPass user who likes to use the platform when time and bandwidth don’t allow for an overnight stay. She used ResortPass this past May to book a cabana pool day pass for her and her family at Bann at Oak Knoll in Napa.

“[We filled] up on pastries, waffles, coffee, juice, and congee rice porridge topped with shrimp. The cabana included afternoon tea service, so after a few hours in the pool we ate a bit more [the hotel served a tray of fruit plus sweet and savory snacks] before heading out on the one-hour drive back home. Since we splashed out for the added brunch, the whole affair cost about $500, which isn’t cheap per se. But there are plenty of ways to do ResortPass for much less and with fewer frills if all you’re looking for is to relax at a resort pool,” Baran says.

When it comes to the cons of ResortPass, she says availability isn’t exactly consistent: “You never know what will crop up from one day to the next in terms of which hotels will be offering passes and what kind of passes. It definitely requires a bit of flexibility and spontaneity in terms of just nabbing whatever crops up that you think you’d enjoy.”

For those interested in using ResortPass, Baran recommends users start searching a week or two in advance of their stay—especially when popular holidays limit hotel space—and have a due diligence process for the hotels you are thinking of booking. Consider the logistics of situations like how and where on the property you’ll be able to change into and out of your swimsuit and what the dining options are in case you want to nosh on something during your stay.

Despite extra legwork that ResortPass users may have to do to ensure a great experience, she still recommends the experience, saying, “I think ResortPass is a wonderful option to scratch that escape itch without the literal added baggage of spending the night.”

Where can you use ResortPass?

Consider the range of experiences that travelers can find in ResortPass: In Miami, at the Kimpton Surfcomber, you and seven of your closest friends could book a $100 cabana on a balcony overlooking the pool deck, which includes a complimentary bottle of Gerard Betrand champagne. If you’d rather spend time at the spa than swim, shell out $75 for a day pass at the Waldorf Astoria Atlanta: It includes access to the relaxation room, dry sauna, and steam room.

Although some hotels and resorts allow travelers to book their amenities directly, ResortPass allows you to see all of the offerings at one hotel and in one city.

Here are some other hotels featured in the ResortPass network.

The William Vale

In New York City, locals and travelers can purchase a $150 day pass for pool privileges at the William Vale, which has the longest outdoor pool in Brooklyn, at 60 feet. (Note: The property is accepting bookings for stays starting in May 2024.)

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa

At the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, a “Poolside Day” pass retails for $100, which includes access to three Jacuzzis, a lazy river pool, and an adults-only pool. Travelers can also enjoy other options like its “Lagoon Lounger” pass for $250, which includes two Poolside passes plus a shaded loveseat.

Fairmont Century Plaza

Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles is one of the best hotels in the city, and ResortPass users have the opportunity to indulge in its 14,000-square-foot spa with more than 10 different experiences listed on the site. Choose from relaxation massages ranging 60 to 90 minutes, opt for a pedicure, or spend $100 for just a pass to the spa itself—Himalayan salt room and dry cedar sauna included.

This article was originally published in 2019 and most recently updated on December 22, 2023, with current information.

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