“Home in Shenyang is Great”: Shenyang, China, is building a high-standard public service system for foreigners

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SHENYANG, China, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

Shenyang is now more internationalized, with the construction of international hospitals, international schools and better infrastructure. Both foreigners and local residents are enjoying a better public service system,” BMW Brilliance President and CEO Dai Hexuan told reporters from the program “Foreigners in Shenyang.”

Dai Hexuan’s words reflect how tens of thousands of foreigners currently feel about living in Shenyang. In 2023, the Shenyang Municipal Government’s Foreign Affairs Office launched a series of initiatives to strengthen “foreign affairs plus” and to build an “international Shenyang.” Currently, Shenyang is home to a large number of overseas friends, fostering a vibrant international atmosphere.

This year, Shenyang has been constructing a high-standard public service system for foreigners, launching the “Foreigners Management Service” initiative. It has integrated forty-seven foreign-related service items from thirteen departments, advancing the standardization of the international community. Additionally, efforts have been made to further improve the construction of six international schools to meet the needs of foreign children. Shenyang has also been working to enhance the service quality of ten designated foreign-related medical institutions, providing high-quality medical services to foreign residents. The level of public services for foreigners in Shenyang has reached a new high.

“A children’s clothing designer from Germany, expressed that living in Shenyang with her family of five is very comfortable. This is also the reason why she chose to start her business in Shenyang.”

At the same time, Shenyang is constructing a high-quality system for international sister cities, further expanding its global “circle of friends.” Currently, Shenyang has established sister city relationships with forty-seven countries and one hundred two cities, including five sister districts. It has deepened exchanges with twenty-seven cities in twenty-one countries, Shenyang has advanced friendly relations with cities like Kyoto, Japan, and Linz, Austria. Shenyang has hosted a series of events, such as “Hello, Shenyang” nights and activities for foreigners to check in at distinctive blocks for a total of eight times. One hundred forty-five expatriates have been awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of Shenyang. Many foreign friends recommended Shenyang to me. China Medical University enjoys a good reputation for its academic atmosphere and scientific research capabilities, and Shenyang people are famous for their hospitality among international students,” said Ying Xiong, an international student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is currently doing his doctorate in Cardiovascular Medicine at China Medical University.

In Shenyang, foreign friends will feel at home because the city’s international elements are increasing year by year. For example, Shenyang boasts the world’s largest Pump Track Park and blocks with international characteristics, featuring Chinese-Japanese culture, Chinese-South Korean culture, Chinese-German culture, and Chinese-Russian culture, to make foreign visitors feel comfortable and familiar.

Shenyang has a good geographical location, pleasant climate, moderate pace of life, diverse culture, and inclusiveness. Shenyang people are hospitable, optimistic, and exceptionally friendly. I believe I will stay here,” said by Mario Cavolo, over a cup of tea in his home in Shenyang. He is an American writer, who has been living in China for 25 years.

In the future, Shenyang will continuously enhance the level of its public services for foreigners, create a favorable international business environment, in a bid to encourage more friends from both China and abroad to understand, embrace, and fulfill dreams in Shenyang. This will further promote the city’s internationalization and competitiveness, so as to showcase the vibrant charm of “International Shenyang” in carrying out the three-year action plan for revitalization in all respects.

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The post “Home in Shenyang is Great”: Shenyang, China, is building a high-standard public service system for foreigners appeared first on Brand TD.

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