Go City Seoul Pass celebrates 1-year anniversary and forward-looking into 2024

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Seoul has recently seen a rapid increase in popularity as a desirable travel destination not only for visitors from Asia, but also for long-haul travellers across the world. This sentiment is echoed by Go City, the leading sightseeing pass provider, whose Seoul pass has achieved the fastest sales growth compared to other cities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Celebrate 1-year anniversary of Seoul pass and forward-looking into 2024

Since the launch of the Seoul pass in November 2022, Go City has been introducing more long-distance travellers to Seoul, leveraging its well-established presence in Europe and America, which contributes to expanding the inbound visitor market to South Korea.

For adventurers seeking optimal value and savings, they can choose All-Inclusive passes to explore as many attractions as they like within a one-to-five day period. Alternatively, tourists who prefer greater flexibility in planning their itinerary can opt for the Explorer pass, which allows them to visit three to seven places in Seoul within a 60-day validity period.

The Go City Seoul passes offer tourists a selection of over 35 popular attractions and experiences, currently with 75% of attractions located within Seoul’s city centre. It is worth noting that Go City has ambitious plans to enhance the Seoul passes by incorporating additional seasonal experiences and attractions located on the outskirts of Seoul in 2024.

Elevating Seoul’s allure for long-haul explorers
There’s no denying that K-pop and K-drama sparked a global impact among international visitors, driving more long-haul visitors to discover South Korea. With the Go City Seoul pass, travellers are spoilt for choice on attractions and activities, and they can enjoy up to 50% savings as compared to buying individual attraction tickets. Apart from the renowned attractions and shows, Go City patrons from Europe and America enjoy immersing themselves in the city through specially crafted tours such as the street food walking tour and historical tour.

Lotte World

Lotte World’s colossal entertainment complex features rollercoasters with drops and head-over-heel inversions that have travellers screaming at the top of their voices. But it’s not only for tourists who can stomach the thrill rides. Less adventurous attractions include a swinging Viking ship and a balloon ride soaring high over the park.

Using the Lotte World and Folk Museum all-in-one theme park combo ticket on the Go City Seoul pass, history buffs will get their money’s worth at the Lotte World Folk Museum, where they can explore Korean history through miniature models. Other top attractions include an ice-skating rink and an IMAX cinema designed to give viewers an immersive film-watching experience.

Korean life time tour and street food walking tour

On a three-hour Korean life time walking tour, travellers get a flavour of South Korea’s cultural heritage. Tour highlights include two Joseon Dynasty palaces, e.g., the Deoksugung Palace, plus a visit to the historic Gwanghwamun Square and Cheonggyecheon stream.

On the street food tour through Seoul’s cultural hub of Insa-dong and the lively Gwangjang Market, people can tuck into Korean blood sausages and mung bean pancakes packed with ingredients. The hearty pan-fried cakes are an essential part of Korean cuisine, made with ground mung beans, kimchi, rice, eggs, pork, and vegetables and full of seasonings.

Aside from tasty food and tipples like Makgeolli, a cloudy, unfiltered rice wine, the three-hour tour is also a visual delight. Ambling along the alleys adjacent to Insa-dong’s old cultural street, travellers can admire traditional Korean Hanok houses alongside old cafes and teahouses.

Cookin’ Nanta musical comedy show

Nanta’s theatrical, kitchen-based show has rightfully wowed tourists for over 25 years. The story of three cooks preparing a wedding feast under tricky circumstances is told through music, acrobatics, and slapstick comedy, which has people laughing uncontrollably.

Dance performances and knife juggling are accompanied by the beats and rhythms of traditional Korean Samulnori music – belted out through pots, pans, and chopping boards. And if you get lucky, you end up on stage as part of the cacophonous culinary chaos, which is all about audience participation.

Asians love to explore Seoul like a local

Beyond hot attractions like the N Seoul Tor and Everland, Asian visitors demonstrate a shared passion for immersive cultural experiences when exploring Seoul. Among these, the DMZ tour stands out as a compelling choice, allowing visitors to delve into the historical and geopolitical context of the Korean Peninsula. Traditional costume rental is also a popular experience among Go City customers, allowing them to capture instagrammable photos at the palaces.

DMZ Tour

South Korea’s capital is renowned for its Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ for short. Ticking off the most exciting and important spots, Go City customers can experience the guided DMZ Tour, which includes hotspots like The Bridge of Freedom. No fewer than 12,773 liberated prisoners used the bridge built in 1953 to return home from the North.

Another tour highlight is the 1,635m-long third Infiltration Tunnel that North Korea built as a means of invasion. Arguably the most spectacular sight, however, is the view across the barbed wire and electric fences to North Korea and its Propaganda Village, a supposedly collective farm where no one lives. High-powered binoculars and stories that transport people back in time to the Korean and Cold War are included. Vividly told, they almost make one hear the whistling sounds of falling bombs.

Traditional Korean costume rental before visiting royal palaces

Known for its illustrious history, Seoul awaits with royal palaces. Tourists clad in rented, traditional Korean costumes can snap pictures at either Gyeongbokgung or Changdeokgung Palace to take a piece of South Korea home.

Choosing from over 300 sets of Hanboks, or traditional Korean dresses, Go City customers can take their time and wear the costume for four hours, wandering along the most well-preserved royal palace from the Joseon Dynasty.

Other services and new offerings
Apart from top attractions like the Seoul Tower, the sightseeing pass includes transportation services, e.g., the airport express train or the shuttle bus to Nami Island and exciting Everland rides. And curated local tours like the pub crawl guarantee a full city exploration experience.

The latest additions to All-Inclusive and Explorer Seoul passes include COEX, Seoul’s largest aquarium with 16 themed discovery zones featuring 40,000 sea creatures like sharks, which glide effortlessly through the water.

Lastly, the all-in-one prepaid WOWPASS card gives travellers easy access to public transport, currency exchange, and cashless payment.

Visit https://gocity.com/en/seoul for more information. For those who wish to inquire about the Seoul pass, kindly email APACtrade@gocity.com.

The post Go City Seoul Pass celebrates 1-year anniversary and forward-looking into 2024 appeared first on Brand TD.

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