Global Culinary Highlights: 3 Not-to-Miss Delicious Food Events 

Attention gourmets and food enthusiasts around the world! It’s time to mark your calendars with these  Not-to-Miss Food Events and plan your culinary adventures. 

Chef Michele Pascarella, The World’s Greatest Pizza Chef At The JW Marriott Goa for food events
Chef Michele Pascarella, The World’s Greatest Pizza Chef At The JW Marriott Goa for food events

We bring you the latest and most exciting happenings in the global food scene, featuring food events and achievements that are making headlines and tantalizing taste buds across continents. 

These food events not only celebrate culinary excellence but also offer a unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures and flavours.  So, pack your bags, set your taste buds on a journey, and get ready to indulge in some of the most exciting food events the world has to offer!

World’s Greatest Pizza Chef at JW Marriott Goa

Experience the magic of pizza like never before as the world’s greatest pizza chef showcases his skills at the JW Marriott in Goa. This food event promises to be a spectacular display of culinary artistry, blending traditional techniques with modern creativity.

Chef Michele Pascarella, The World’s Greatest Pizza Chef At The JW Marriott Goa

Renowned pizza chef, Chef Michele Pascarella and his team will be bringing their innovative pizza-making approach and hosting two exclusive mealtimes at JW Kitchen at the JW Marriott Goa on the 9th and 10th of December.

Michele Pascarella is the founder of the famed pizzeria, ‘Napoli on the Road’ in the United Kingdom.

He was awarded the ‘Best Pizza Chef in The World’- winning the coveted Global Pizza Maker of the Year at the World Top 50 Pizza Awards and was named as ‘Best Pizza Chef in Europe’ at the European Top 50 Pizza Awards.

Napoli on the Road
Napoli on the Road

 In Goa, Chef Pascarella will curate a delectable seven-course dinner for patrons. The menu will celebrate the best of ‘Napoli on the Road’ with a careful selection of entrées, starters, mains, and desserts including signature pizzas such as ‘Cheesewick’ made with buffalo ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, blue dry Stilton and Parmigiano Reggiano chips and ‘Terra’ a white base with truffle baked potato, shiitake mushrooms and fresh black truffle.

 Looking forward to his maiden visit to India, Chef Michele Pascarella, Owner, Napoli On The Road commented: “I’m thrilled to announce my first pop-up in India with the talented team from ‘Napoli On The Road’. We will be partnering with Masters of Marriott Bonvoy and Culinary Culture to serve a carefully curated signature Michele Pascarella tasting menu in Goa this December.”

Khushnooma Kapadia – Vice President Marketing, South Asia, Marriott International said – ” We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with Culinary Culture under our Master of Marriott Bonvoy series, which brings the renowned, Chef Michele Pascarella, known as the World’s Greatest Pizza Chef to India for the first time.”

Winter Garden Food Festival in Dubai

Winter Garden Food Festival, Dubai
Winter Garden Food Festival, Dubai

 Dive into a world of flavours at the Winter Garden Food Festival in Dubai. This food event is a paradise for food lovers, showcasing an array of international cuisines, live cooking demonstrations, and interactive culinary sessions in a vibrant, festive atmosphere.

Get into the festive mood at the Winter Garden, Habtoor Palace Dubai

As the air turns crisp and the festive season approaches, Habtoor Palace Dubai is preparing for the grand reopening of its Winter Garden, a charming winter market set to intrigue visitors from November 1st, 2023, through January 31st, 2024. 

Food enthusiasts can explore a scrumptious selection of Up to 50 kiosks, each serving delicious cuisines to satisfy varied preferences and palates.

Some of the featured food vendors include Sauce, Hot Chocolate, Gelato Divino, Casa Pons, and Mama Cita. 

Winter Garden Food Festival, Dubai
Winter Garden Food Festival, Dubai

Guests can relish their meals at picnic-style tables decorated with twinkling fairy lights that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Live entertainment will further uplift the experience.
For families with children, the Winter Garden provides a dedicated play area where youngsters can enjoy hours of fun.

Saeid Heidari, General Manager, Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, said, “We are excited to welcome the return of the Winter Garden at Habtoor Palace Dubai. The Winter Garden has become an annual tradition that Dubai’s residents and tourists eagerly await.”

Indian Chef’s Triumph in Spain

Indian Chef Zareen Shaukat at World Tapas Competition 2023, Spain
Indian Chef Zareen Shaukat at World Tapas Competition 2023, Spain
Celebrate the remarkable achievement of an Indian chef from Andheri, Mumbai, who has secured the fourth spot at the prestigious World Tapas Competition 2023 in Spain.

This accolade highlights the global recognition of Indian culinary talent and innovation.

Indian Chef Zareen Shaukat  Bags Fourth Spot At World Tapas Competition 2023 In Spain

There is just something about Indian food that people from all corners of the world find it hard to resist, and to see our cuisine getting appreciated on the global front is all the more gratifying. 

Taking our desi flavours global recently is the Indian pastry chef Zareen Shaukat who stood fourth in the World Tapas Competition 2023 Competition held in Spain. She gave an Indian twist with her pastry skills to the Spanish delicacy of Tapa and made Murgh Makhani Mille Feuille which was immensely loved by the jury.

Zareen opted for Murgh Makhani AKA butter chicken as the main dish for the competition as it perfectly represents our country’s taste, colour and vibrancy. 

Elaborating more about her dish, Zareen said, “Since it was a Tapa-making competition, the dish had to be bite-sized. I added a burst of flavour to it by incorporating components like mint caviar, onion & beetroot viel & papadums”. 

Indian chef Zareen Shaukat
Indian chef Zareen Shaukat

Zareen Shaukat gave a Spanish-Indian fusion touch to the dish by making smoked saffron labneh as saffron is also a culinary favourite in the former country’s cuisine adding to the ode to the amalgamation of cultures. She also showed her pastry skills by adding puff pastry as her base.

 Being selected for this global competition that had top chefs from 16 countries is indeed a huge feat, and Zareen impressed the jury with her Spanish-Indian fusion dish that also had a perfect blend of savoury flavours.

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