Euroairlines will connect with more than 300 airlines after joining IATA MITA 

The Spanish airline Euroairlines has joined the Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The company already used IATA services (ICH-, ICCS, BSP, CASS), but It was not yet part of a multilateral agreement with other airlines. 

This agreement allows Euroairlines to connect with more than 300 airlines thanks to that all MITA members assume a common framework of action – with rights and responsibilities – in relation to the offering of passengers and baggage handling services, which establishes the conditions for collaboration in the development of routes between airlines associated. 

“Entering MITA reinforces our commitment and commitment to air distribution and connectivity between routes at a global level, thus achieving Euroairlines the highest standards in air distribution. Entering MITA gives us new capabilities business together with the greatest guarantees in the industry”, assures the CEO of Euroairlines, Antonio López Lázaro. “We want our clients to be able to access the greatest number of possible options without barriers and that, thanks to a wide variety of connections, reach their destinations more directly,” adds the head of the Spanish company. 

Euroairlines, Spanish airline dedicated to international air distribution and one of the four most important in the sector worldwide, offers its own flights to destinations in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, and is present in more than 60 countries thanks to its distribution service connecting more than 350 routes through numerous alliances.


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