Choose travel insurance to cover for disrupted travel plans

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It’s frustrating to have your trip cancelled or postponed due to bad weather. That’s why it’s important to check your travel insurance policy for protection against unexpected events. 

The experts at travel insurance have explained everything you need to know about making a claim on your travel insurance:

How do I make a claim on my travel insurance?

  • Make sure you have copies of your passport, any required visas, flight details and your travel insurance policy.
  • Leave another copy of your papers in a secure place, perhaps with a family member back home.
  • Make a note of your insurer’s emergency contact number too.

How you make a claim can vary depending on your insurer and the type of claim you’re making. But generally, you’ll need to:

  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible.You should also contact the relevant authorities if you need to – you might need to do this if your belongings are stolen.
  • Collect supporting evidence for your claim,for example photos or any crime details the country’s police force has given to you.
  • Give your insurer accurate and truthful information.The more information you give them, the easier it is for the insurer to assess your claim. That means they can settle the claim and pay you quickly.

Some insurance claims are quickly settled over the phone. Others require you to fill in forms and include copies of all documentation you think might be relevant.

Many insurers allow you to submit forms online. If you’re sending yours in the post, keep your own copy of all supporting documentation. You should also send it by special delivery so it’s signed for and recorded.

To find the quickest way to get in touch with your insurer, check your policy documents. There’s usually a telephone number and information on making a claim.

How do I claim for flight delays and cancellations?

If you can’t travel and have to cancel your flight, you can’t claim compensation. That’s unless your reason for not travelling is an insured reason, such as being ill.

You can usually claim on your travel insurance If your flight delay or cancellation is out of your control. For example,  it’s the airline’s decision to cancel the flight or it’s their fault.

That’s unless the delay or cancellation is out of the airline’s control as well. For example if they cancel due to extreme weather, airport or air traffic control strikes. Airlines have a legal obligation to provide the following compensation:

  • Short-haul flight of under 1,500km – £220
  • Medium-haul flight of 1,500km – £350
  • Long-haul flight of over 3,500km – £520
  • Long-haul flight of over 3,500km – £260 (in case you arrived at your destination with a delay of under 4 hours)

The airline should also tell you when you can fly to your destination or return home if you missed a connecting flight because of the delay.

If you’re waiting for a replacement flight, the airline must also provide you with food, drink and accommodation if you are delayed overnight. Sometimes airlines might tell you to make alternative travel arrangements, then claim the cost back later.

To submit your claim, you usually need written confirmation of the delay or cancellation from your tour operator or carrier. Ideally, you need to get this at the time of the delay.

If that’s not possible, as soon as you are home, chase the carrier for a document explaining the delay.

The longer you leave it the more complicated it can be and you need proof of the delay to validate your claim. Airlines usually give compensation if the cancellation is the airline’s responsibility, but it’s worth checking with the airline company you fly with.




The post Choose travel insurance to cover for disrupted travel plans appeared first on Brand TD.

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