Brightsun Travel introduces Traveasy app

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Brightsun Travel, a one-stop solution for travel needs, announces the launch of Traveasy app, a platform designed to elevate the process of booking economical flights to domestic and International destinations.

Since its inception, Traveasy has been committed to providing travellers with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive range of flight options, enabling them to find the best deals tailored to their preferences and budget and compare the flight rates.

With the recent launch of the Traveasy mobile app, available on Android devices, the advanced features make it easy for users to customise their search based on parameters such as budget, preferred airlines, and travel dates. The app mirrors the website’s functionality, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking process for travellers who prefer the flexibility of mobile solutions.

Traveasy brings flight options to virtually any location on the map while enjoying real-time pricing information. In terms of performance, Traveasy has steadily gained traction. According to company’s internal data, the platform has facilitated a total of 50,791 flight bookings.

Sandeep Arora, Director at Brightsun Travel, said: “We are excited to introduce Traveasy to the global travel community, our platform is dedicated to providing users with a straightforward and cost-effective way to explore the world. With a vast array of flight options and real-time pricing information, Traveasy ensures that travellers can make informed decisions that align with their preferences and budget.”

As Traveasy continues to enhance the travel booking experience, Brightsun Travel remains committed to offering unparalleled service and value to its customers.


The post Brightsun Travel introduces Traveasy app appeared first on Brand TD.

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