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Morocco’s natural beauty goes far beyond desert and mountains; it also includes two magnificent bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A large part of the culture of Morocco is based around the sea. For centuries, people have made their livelihood off the sea, including now, with tourism. From swimming to sunbathing, surfing to quad biking adventures, camel or horse rides along the coastlines there is no lack of activities. Many beaches are relatively close to Morocco’s major cities so rent a car or take a taxi and head out for a day at the beach!

Atlantic Coast Beaches

The Atlantic Ocean is an untamed beauty with dark blue waters and wild winds that beckon surfers to ride its waves and paragliders to set sail in the sky. Atlantic Ocean waters are rather active so water sports are popular along the ocean’s coastline. Swimming is usually best during the summer months when the water temperatures are a bit warmer.

Legzira Beach

With its expansive beach and rocky shoreline, Legzira is recognized for its two, massive red sandstone structures that have mesmerized visitors over the years. These geological wonders with their curved, natural arches have eroded over time and now only one remains standing. Legzira is also popular with surfers and paragliders, but it’s definitely the unique rock formation that captivates making it an amazing site for photographs.

Best Beached of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Atlantic Coast Beaches


Essaouira Beaches

The beaches of Essaouira have long been a popular favorite for wind and kite surfers since the beach has a reputation for its consistent dose of Alizee, tropical trade winds. There is plenty of room to be active here since the shoreline stretches far and wide. Essaouira Beach is a public beach just outside the city. Plage Tagharte is another option and a popular spot for kite surfers. Swimming and sunbathing around here can be tricky since the winds tend to kick up a lot of sand. Instead, head over to the beach at Diabat just a few miles away where you can relax or take a horse ride at sunset.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Essaouira Beaches


Sidi Kaouki Beach

Wild and tranquil, Sidi Kaouki is relatively unspoiled making the scenery here even more spectacular. Just 25 km south of Essaouira, this secluded paradise is perfect for getting away from it all. Surfers can catch big waves here and for those who just want to cool off, you can take a dip in the ocean while enjoying the serenity. It’s also a great place for families to escape the crowd and go horse-back riding in peace.  Want to camp out on the beach? You can do that too (or at least stay at a campground across the street) and let the ocean’s waves lull you to sleep.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Sidi Kaouki Beach


Taghazout Beaches

A sleepy fishing village turned surfer’s paradise, Taghazout has become the top destination for surfing in Morocco. Golden sandy beaches with wide-open spaces in between attract visitors, but it’s really the waves with the best right-hand breaks that draw surfers from around the world to these beaches. Taghazout Beach is a public beach with water sports activities available. You can rent surfing equipment at most beaches in this area or hire a professional trainer to give you lessons if you’re eager to learn.  Panorama Beach is also long and wide and a great place for beginning surfers. Anchor Point is just further down the coast where experienced surfers can challenge their skills and ride long, fast barrels.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Taghazout Beaches


Agadir Beach

Agadir Beach is a popular favorite with locals and tourists. It’s about a 10-minute drive south of Taghazout.  A long, six-mile stretch of sandy beaches backed by the Atlas Mountains where sand dunes literally spill out from the Sahara. You can swim here all year round which makes it an ideal beach destination no matter what time of year you decide on the holiday. This beach is packed with amenities, and land and water sports like kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, and quad biking adventures so there are lots to do here. If you want to just relax and lounge under the sun, this is a great place to do that too!

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Agadir Beach


Dragon Beach (Dakhla Peninsula)

Incredible white sand dunes that stretch out into the clear blue ocean, Dragon Beach is actually a small island in the heart of a lagoon. Relax and soak up its natural beauty or enjoy water sports if you’re looking for action.  The internationally famous Kite Surfing World Championships take place here every year so if you’re in town at this time you can watch contestants shred water and see who will take the trophy.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Dragon Beach (Dakhla Peninsula)


Mediterranean Beaches

The Mediterranean Sea’s iconic crystal clear, turquoise, and emerald-colored waters seduce and delight visitors.  Swimming is the best activity since the waters are usually calm and warmer than the unpredictable, often fluctuating ocean temperatures. Many Mediterranean beaches tend to have more of a Spanish or Middle Eastern vibe compared to the South of the country with its Amazigh/bohemian vibe.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Mediterranean Beaches



Relax and slip into the glowing, pristine turquoise waters here that are embraced by golden sands surrounded by a eucalyptus forest.  The locals affectionately refer to this beach as ‘’The Blue Pearl’’ It is one of Morocco’s longest beaches and lies close to the Algerian border.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Saidia


Oued Laou

Tranquil and totally relaxing, Oued Laou offers the ultimate calm. Enjoy the scenic rocky and rugged shoreline that helps distinguish the blue of the sea from the sky. Picnic, lounge and swim to your heart’s content.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Oued Laou


Martil Beach

Leisurely stroll the spacious boardwalk of Martil Beach that stretches along the white sands lined with bars and cafes.  Martil Beach is not far from Tangier and is a premier holiday escape for Moroccans. Scenic green mountains in the distance add to its relaxing atmosphere. The beach itself is extensive making it an ideal place to stretch out under the sun or swim comfortably.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Martil Beach


Quemado Beach

Gorgeous scenery with incredible panoramas and easy access to the beach makes Quemado Beach a favorite destination for holidaymakers.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Quemado Beach


Cabo Negro Beach

This beach resort boasts crystal clear waters and a supreme golf course considered to be the best in Morocco.  Cabo Negro is also a lively place for nightlife with many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to keep you busy up until you watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Best Beaches of Morocco - Between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean - Cabo Negro Beach

Whether you’re a beach bum, a surf fanatic, or just need a break from traveling, Morocco offers an endless array of amazing beaches that are sure to fulfill your every desire.

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