APOLA launches at TTF 2024

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From left to right Bastian Sagild, Tim Sargeant, Matt Gebbie, Paul Stocker, Louis Thompson, Willem Niemeijer, Koko Tang, Mervin Ho, Fabrizio Muzzio, Brendan O’Molony, Yvonne de Suner Beltran


The Asia Pacific Outdoor Lodging Association (APOLA) was founded on the initiative of Robert Hecker, Bill Barnett, and Paul Dean at the PHIST conference in Phuket. The Association was officially launched at the Thailand Tourism Forum (TTF) in Bangkok on the 15th January 2024. Over 1,100 delegates attended the Thailand Tourism Forum at Intercontinental Bangkok with as mainstage session dedicated  to the rising trend in outdoor accommodation

The founding members agreed that the trade body would be an advocacy vehicle to guide, promote and structure the development of the outdoor lodging sector in the Asia Pacific Region to meet the needs of operators, owners, government authorities, suppliers, investors, and tour operators associated with the outdoor lodging industry.

Given the recent growth of the industry and the strong fundamentals of the market, the members agreed that the organization should help define the standards for the region, raise awareness, guide policy, develop an accounting system for project financing and educate the industry about the advantages of this low impact, sustainable hospitality model.

The Association is in the process of being registered as a non-profit Society in Singapore, following which annual subscriptions will be available to members across the industry in the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

Louis Thompson from Nomadic Resorts was nominated as the inaugural president. Each of the founding members agreed to pay an annual membership fee to launch the association.

“APOLA stands as a testament to a shared vision for a thriving outdoor lodging sector in the Asia Pacific Region”, said Robert Hecker, co-founder of the association. “We recognize the immense potential of this niche in the Asia-Pacific, and our commitment to its proper development is reflected in APOLA’s establishment. APOLA aims to not only set standards but to champion sustainable practices, guide policies, and foster collaboration. This association is a collective effort to shape the future of outdoor hospitality, and like-minded individuals and organizations are invited to join on this transformative journey.”

APOLA members will have access to tools, resources, best practices, case studies, newsletters, and market insights via the membership portal, where they will be able to network with other APOLA members.

The founding members of the organization are:

  • Louis Thompson Nomadic Resorts
  • Willem Niemeijer Yaana Ventures
  • Koko Tang Vinetree Tourism
  • Tim Sargeant, Explorar Hotels & Resorts
  • Niels Huby, Explorar Hotels & Resorts
  • Fabricio Muzzio Cloud Collective
  • Paul Stocker Minor Hotels
  • Bastian Sagild Cloud Collective
  • Yvonne De Suner Beltran Banyan Tree Escape
  • Andre ZINA T3 Architects


The post APOLA launches at TTF 2024 appeared first on Brand TD.

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