Air Charter Service helps ‘eclipse chasers’ reach prime viewing locations

Next Monday (8th April) a total solar eclipse will cross North America – the last of its kind visible in the region until 2044 – and ACS is busy helping getting customers to prime positions to view it.

The total eclipse path starts in the South Pacific, before taking in much of Mexico, 12 US states – stretching from Texas, all the way through to Maine – and clipping several Canadian provinces, before ending over the Atlantic.

Richard Thompson, President of ACS Americas, commented: “We have already arranged charters to prime locations in Mexico, the US and Canada, where the customers will get the best views of the phenomenon – only the second in this region this century. We have been discussing options with many clients since last year, and we’re still taking bookings this week.

“We have one large aircraft of almost 200 people who have the option of landing at one of three airports along the eclipse’s path, choosing the best one on the day based on the weather. One special charter is taking a happy couple to Ohio, to specifically get married on the day of the eclipse and in its path! Possibly the most spectacular viewing point, that we have arranged a charter to, is Niagara Falls, where a family hope to get to see the stunning spectacle with an equally stunning backdrop. We have arranged a number of other charters, on both private jets and larger aircraft, including some flying to Mazatlan, on the coast of Mexico, to see it reach land for the first time.

“We have extensive experience in organising charters for stargazers, having arranged several for recent eclipses – in 2016 in the Indian Ocean, and in the US in 2017.”

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