Agadir, Morocco is a number one travel destination which gets more and more attractive for people from all around the globe. The pretty architecture, friendly people, and delicious food have made it very attractive for travelers. You probably think of Marrakech or the Sahara desert first when you think about Morocco.

Souss-Massa is a region is another part you can visit while you are traveling Morocco, located in the South West of Morocco with the Atlantic Ocean at the coastline and the mountain rage of the Anti-Atlas behind it. The capital of the region is Agadir.


Agadir was almost completely destroyed during a heavy earthquake in 1960 which was the worst natural disaster in Morocco.
But Agadir got completely rebuilt with a modern harbor and a lovely beach to relax and play. Some parts are even reconstructed in an original way. One of these places is the Medina:


The Kasbah of Agadir is an old fortress from 1572 which got destroyed by the earthquake in 1960. But it’s still possible to visit the original walls on the hills over the city nowadays. The Kasbah is one of the oldest parts of Agadir.


The Medina in Agadir is the project of an Italian architect Coco Polizzi. He started to rebuild it in 1992. All the buildings are new but designed in a traditional Moroccan way with many details to discover.
You can find small artesian stores or sit under one of the many Eukalyptus trees to enjoy the atmosphere.


The market is not only for tourists like many other souks but more for locals which do the daily shopping here. It is divided into different sections. One for artesian goods, another one for clothes, one for spices, and so on. We had so much fun walking around and seeing all the different goods.


While you are touring Agadir with its beauty, its possible to go south of it for another different landscape such as Tiznit, Sidi Ifni, Aglou, a,d much more.


Tiznit is a small city in the South of the Region around 90 km from Agadir. It was built in the 19th century after people discovered a water source in the desert and started to settle down at this spot.
A huge wall was created around the old town to protect the source and inhabitants from the Berber tribes back in the days.
Today you can still see the Grand Mosque and the Kasbah from this time which are both in very good condition.


Legzira beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. Located around 150 Km south of Agadir, which you can go to in one day trip from Agadir. It is famous for its stone arcs and red sand, which were sculptured by the sea.


Not far from Tiznit lies the small city Aglou. It’s located right at the beach with some lovely hills and cliffs around it. The perfect place to try paragliding.

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