accessibleGo unveils new booking options to make travel more accessible

AccessibleGO, a self-described “one stop shop” for disability travel needs, shared an array of enhanced services and products in an effort to make travel more accessible while going through the booking process and beyond.

Miriam Eljas, co-founder and CEO of accessibleGO, said the booking engine is committed to doing what it can to empower travelers who have disabilities.

“We are excited about the progress we’ve made with our partners in the disability community and look forward to continue improving the travel booking process for people with accessibility needs and their travel companions so they can travel freely and with confidence,” said Eljas.

The platform, which has offered hotel booking, will now offer users the option to book rental cars with hand controls, flights, wheelchair van rentals, wheelchair accessible concierge ride services and mobility rentals – including scooters, Hoyer lifts, wheelchairs, hospital beds and more.

According to MMGY Global’s 2022 report entitled “Portrait of Travelers with Disabilities: Mobility and Accessibility,” nearly 12.5 million people with disabilities traveled between 2018 and 2019. People who travel with mobility disabilities spent $58.2 billion annually – taking trips for leisure with almost the same frequency as able-bodied travelers. However, 96% of the more than 2,700 people included in MMGY’s report – all of whom had a disability or use a caretaker or mobility aid – said they had faced an accommodation issue during travel experiences. 

As part of accessibleGO’s flight booking feature, customers will be able to make specifications about what they will need a hand with – and once they have, accessibleGO can contact airlines directly about what accommodations to make. When renting cars, customers will also be able to request unique accessibility features such as spinner knobs and car hand controls to be confirmed by accessibleGO within 48 hours of their request.

AccessibleGO’s hotel booking platform boasts proprietary accessibility information on more than 6,000 hotels in more than 125 cities in the United States – and members are privy to certain hotel discounts booking with accessibleGO.

AccessibleGO added that additional features are set to launch in the coming months but didn’t offer details on what those new offerings might be.

Other travel companies focused on making travel more accessible have received recognition – and funding – in recent years. Wheel the World, which is a PhocusWire Hot 25 Travel Startup for 2022, for example, landed $6 million to bolster accessibility last year. And platform Mobee raised €1.5M in 2022.


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