A Trip To Best Hammams Of Marrakech

A visit to a Moroccan hammam will do wonders for your mind and body, especially after a day spent exploring the busy city streets of Marrakech. Hammams are an integral part of the culture of Morocco. Make time for yourself and unwind in a soothing atmosphere with this timeless healing ritual. From affordable to luxury, here is a look at some of Marrakech’s best hammams.

Les Baines de Marrakech

This popular hammam is well-loved by locals and tourists. Though it may get busy at times, it’s a great place to meet the locals and experience this age-old ritual in the heart of the medina. This is the perfect spot for couples, a rare treat when it comes to traditional hammam etiquette so if you’re looking for a romantic and relaxing retreat with your spouse, this is the place for you. Various treatments are available and an added bonus is they make their own all-natural beauty products.


Sahara Desert Tour - A Trip to Best Hammams of Marrakech - Les Baines de Marrakech

Hammam de la Rose

A traditional hammam with a stylish and modern twist. With a colorful ambiance, this tranquil environment will instantly calm your nerves. Offering an array of body-specific beauty and massage treatments that include the scalp, back, and foot using a variety of techniques: deep tissue, ayurvedic, or hot stone. There are also special massages available for pregnant women.

Excellent beauty treatments include hydrating facials, waxing, hands, and feet. They also offer couples hammam experiences or massages. The Moroccan Royal treatment for couples includes a hammam experience followed by a full body massage.

Another recommendation is the specialty four hand massage performed by two masseurs at the same time for the ultimate, relaxing experience. Luxurious and relaxing without being pricey.

Hammam Dar el-Bacha

As you step inside under the soothing light, let the outside world melt away. This is an authentic hammam experience in the largest, traditional hammam of Marrakech. Visiting hours for men and women are separate and you will need to bring your own toiletries and basic hammam essentials that include soap, towel, flip flops, kess (exfoliating glove) change of underwear, and shampoo plus a bottle of water to keep hydrated. This is a popular spot with the locals so it can get busy at times but it’s well worth the cultural immersion.

Hammam Mouassine

Built in 1572, this is the oldest hammam in Marrakech. With old-world vibes and a sleek, minimalist interior, you can easily relax without any distractions.  More off the beaten path and less touristic than most hammams in the city. They do offer body scrubs, wraps, and massages with essential oils. Reasonably priced, this classic hammam provides a unique experience.

Sahara Desert Tour - A Trip to Best Hammams of Marrakech - Hammam Mouassine

Isis Spa

Traveling with kids and looking for a unique, family experience? ‘’Dedicated to families’’ Isis offers family packages so you can relax and enjoy the hammam ritual together. They also offer six different massage treatments and massages tailored to the individual needs of children, seniors, and pregnant women so everyone can reap the healing benefits of the hammam.

Couple packages are also available along with beauty treatments that include facials, waxing, and foot care.


Hammam Rosa Bonheur

Near the Badi Palace and close to Jemma el Fna, Bonheur is located inside of one of the Samira Riads. Try one of their invigorating, facial treatments like the radiance mask with argan oil, honey, and saffron extract. Massages are also available for individuals and couples. The interior is beautifully decorated with Moroccan tiles providing an authentic ambiance.

The staff is extremely hospitable and friendly making your visit their top priority. Rest, relax, and leave feeling reenergized ready to get back to exploring the city.



Luxury Hammams and Spas

Sahara Desert Tour - A Trip to Best Hammams of Marrakech - Luxury Hammams and Spas

Hammam Heritage Spa

Located in the famous Bab Doukkala district, this first-class spa offers six different types of massage treatments in a cozy and comfortable setting. Try the hot herbal bag massage for its soothing and relaxing qualities. They also specialize in facials and use 100% natural, high quality, organic products including argan oil with their treatments. They offer reasonable rates so you can enjoy a custom-made treatment without having to worry about overspending.


La Mamounia

Live out your beauty and wellness fantasy come true at La Mamounia. Extravagant and luxurious, this unique hammam and spa experience will be unforgettable. Located in one of the world’s leading hotels of the same name, you will find yourself in an absolutely gorgeous setting amongst stunning décor influenced by Amazigh/Berber and Arab-Andalusian styles.

Visitors also have access to a jacuzzi, swimming pool, and fitness center. If you want to go all out, opt for the private, mini-spa. Serenity at its finest in exquisite surroundings with service that goes beyond your expectations.



Sahara Desert Tour - A Trip to Best Hammams of Marrakech - Luxury Hammams and Spas

Le Spa Namaskar

Part of the Palais Namaskar Luxury Hotel located on the outskirts of Marrakech, Le Spa offers a truly holistic experience. With stunning views of the Atlas Mountains in the distance, you will already feel a world away from the bustling, big city. Relax with aromatherapy, diverse massages, and beauty treatments. Decadence is balanced with tranquility.

There is also a V.I.P suite with a jacuzzi and open fireplace for the ultimate splurge post-hammam. Le Spa will balance your chi and realign your chakras leaving you lightweight, revived, and rejuvenated.


Royal Mansour Spa

You will be treated like royalty at the most beautiful hammam and spa in Marrakech. Owned by the King of Morocco, this is luxury at its finest with ornate décor and impeccable service. Packages include a pool and hammam access. There are a variety of beauty treatments available from Phyto-aromatic facials to massages, waxing, hand, and foot care. There is also a full-service hair salon so you can look your best post hammam.

This extensive facility spans three floors and is nothing short of impressive with indoor and outdoor pools, and gorgeous natural surroundings that feature rose bushes, jasmine, gardenias, and bougainvillea for your aromatic pleasure. For a more intimate, spa experience, you can rent a private suite that includes a personal hammam for the ultimate luxury in Morocco experience.



Enhance your overall well-being by taking a trip to the hammam in Marrakech. Regardless of where you decide to go for your hammam experience, you will emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.

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