2023’s Top Trending Destinations According to TikTok

Dubai continues to be the world’s most popular destination on TikTok, with videos using the hashtag #Dubai increasing by 72 percent on the social media platform this year.

That data comes from the travel and luggage experts at Bounce, which analyzed the view counts of popular travel destination hashtags to reveal the most popular destinations on TikTok in 2023.

With more than 140 billion views, Dubai is easily the most beloved destination on TikTok these days, followed by New York City with 101.8 billion views. London, Paris and Istanbul round out the top five this year with views ranging from 55.4 billion to 72.8 billion.

In addition to New York, the U.S. is represented by Miami (48.1 billion views), Los Angeles (36.1 billion views) and Chicago (32.3 billion views) in the top 10.

Internationally, both Madrid and Bali cracked the top 10 with views exceeding 32 billion on TikTok.

When it comes to the most viewed countries, the U.S. takes the crown with 357.4 billion. Mexico, Argentina, the U.K. and Chile also made the top five, followed by Colombia, Pakistan, Peru, Indonesia and France. 

Click here to view Bounce’s complete TikTok Travel Index for 2023.

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