17 Best Restaurants in Southsea for Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

I’ve lived in Southsea for almost 7 years now. In that time I’ve tried out over 75% of the restaurants in Southsea, whether that’s for brunch, lunch or dinner. Today, I want to share my foodie knowledge of Portsmouth’s seaside resort to ensure you make good choices when you visit.

Southsea is totally underrated as a foodie destination. Thanks to our two-mile beach along the south coast of England, seafood is a popular choice here.

We have many excellent fish and chip shops (Anchor & Malt on Albert Road is the best), you can enjoy catch of the day and oysters at the upmarket restaurant The Briny, or good old England favourite cockles (as popcorn) on Clarendon Road at Fisherman’s Kitchen.

Restaurants in Southsea

We have our own micro climate in Southsea thanks to the protection from the Isle of Wight, so with all that sun our cafe culture game is strong.

Come summer and the seafront and centre of Southsea around Palmerston Road are filled with gourmands enjoying frothy al fresco flat whites with slabs of cake. The Tenth Hole invites customers to play a round of their nine-hole golf course with beach views before visiting the ‘tenth hole’ – the cake shop. With daily and weekly specials as well as old favourites, the slices in here are so epic they’re used to patrons asking for a box to take the rest home.

cake in southsea

Sunny days mean beach BBQs for the locals. Join us!

Pick up fresh warm breads from The Sourdough Bakehouse, tasty salads from Southsea Deli, and locally-made sausages to sizzle from the award-winning Buckwells of Southsea butchers.

As the weather chills we huddle up in the abundance of cosy artisan coffee shops. My top choices would be either Hunter Gatherer on Albert Road, for their vegan breakfast burritos, or Southsea Coffee for the Southsea Roll – a fruity, frangipane-filled take on a cinnamon roll.

Southsea Coffee

And if that floats your boat, you need to try the doughy, sweet cinnamon rolls at Bread Addiction on Elm Grove.

It’s not all cold pressed coffee and cakes in Southsea though. We love our independent restaurants too. Enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast at Farm Kitchen, the huge Sunday ‘Governor’s Roast’ at King Street Tavern, and you can’t beat the specials and sea views while toasting by the wood burner at the Southsea Beach Cafe.

dessert at HUIS

Or, tuck into a locally made pie and listen to your favourite records at Pie and Vinyl Record Cafe, for something different. 

Top it all off with a huge ice cream sundae from the Ice Cream Emporium on Southsea Parade Pier, or churros from the stand out the front. Then stroll along the beach promenade and enjoy our Victorian Seafront as Queen Victoria would’ve wanted, absolutely stuffed!

There are (probably) almost 100 restaurants in Southsea, but these are the best Southsea restaurants to choose from my 7 years of living in Southsea research, and why…

Best restaurants in Southsea for brunch

If you’re looking for the best spot for breakfast in Southsea, work your way through these beauties…

1. Farm Kitchen Southsea

As I’ve already revealed, the Mediterranean Breakfast in here is the star of the show. It’s difficult to stray from the halloumi slices, chorizo, olives and frittata all on one plate, but there is actually a whole range of cakes and breakfast delights in here. The pancakes are great, the eggs, and the Full English too.

Breakfast in Southsea

If you want a hearty brunch to please a few different tastes then Farm Kitchen is the Southsea brunch spot for you. That’s the veggie breakfast you see there.

2. Southsea Beach Cafe

You just can’t beat the location of the Southsea Beach Cafe. Its’s definitely one of the pricier options on the list, but, with those views and address it’s worth it. Even though I like the food at Farm Kitchen better, this is where I take any visitors to Southsea as it’s just such a showstopper of a restaurant.

Fellow travel bloggers Monica from The Travel Hack and Dan from Dan Flying Solo enjoying the sun at Southsea Beach Cafe there.

where to eat in southsea

You can get a hot brunch at Southsea Beach Cafe, or just tea and cake. They also have a serving hatch if you want something to takeaway and sit on the beach with, to watch the swimmers and Hampshire paddleboarders. It gets very busy here, especially in summer.

Check out my guide to Southsea Beach to explore more of the best of the locale.

3. Hunter Gatherer

Vegans, this is the Southsea restaurant for you. Brian and his team have created a delightful plant based menu with plenty to titillate those tastebuds. My personal favourite is the aforementioned breakfast burrito – in fact I’d like to eat one right now with a side of hot sauce.

Strangely I’ve never photoed this dish – too busy eating it I guess!

best breakfast in southsea

I love the vibe at Hunter Gatherer. If I owned a coffee shop, this is what I’d like it to look like.

They also run cool special events in the evening – I went to a wine tasting once, oh and a collage workshop – and they too have a hatch for coffee on the run.

Everything you need for a great breakfast in Southsea!

4. Offbeet

This is one of the newest brunch spots in Southsea, on Albert Road, and I can’t wait to go back. I actually had the same thing both times I visited Offbeet (vegan breakfast tacos) as they were so good. I need to try something new.

brunch in southsea

Fresh, clean, calming – Offbeet is kinda like a cafe in a spa. Definitely recommend – oh they’re oat milk flat whites are a delight too.

5. Delaneys

Nestled in Castle Road, Delaneys is a lovely cafe for a hot brunch or breakfast in Southsea. I went for a halloumi stack – nice size portions!

I got the veggie breakfast for Reggie and he wolfed all the carbs, not so much the veg. But he’s a toddler I’ll let him off.

The food is great at Delaneys but the staff are even lovelier. I’ve booked in for Christmas here – I think it’ll be the perfect vibe.

If you want a breakfast near Southsea Common, this is a great spot to choose.

6. Tenth Hole

Yep, Tenth Hole is the place where you get the big fat slabs of cake, YUM.

Apart from cake, they have a delightful hot breakfast menu too, with plenty of options for kids. Their doorstep sandwiches are huge, and I 100% recommend the granola.

Check out my guide to 48 hours in Southsea for more on the actual ‘tenth hole’ and how you can play too.

Best restaurants in Southsea for lunch

7. HUIS Southsea

The croque monsieurs at HUIS are an absolute delight. The best is the one with beef brisket baked into the cheese, with the Belgian chips on the side. As Southsea’s only Belgian restaurant HUIS has a wonderful selection of beers to choose from, as well as traditional Belgian foods too.

I had the moules and frites once, they were pretty special too.

8. Porters

If you want some Tex Mex and a pint in Southsea, Porters is the pub for you. Located on Albert Road, just opposite the Kings Theatre, this is a great spot for lunch and dinner.

where to go for lunch in southsea

I went here a few times on maternity leave, and have joyful memories of Reggie being asleep while I got to scoff a tasty burrito as quick as possible before he awoke.

Great location, huge portions, and the comfort of a traditional English pub setting.

9. The Briny Southsea

I was torn whether to put this Southsea restaurant in the best Southsea lunches, or dinners. In the end, I have happier memories of sitting in the sun here, so lunch time it is.

lunch in southsea

If you can get an outside seat on a sunny day here, you’re laughing. With wonderful views over the Solent to the Isle of Wight, sitting outside The Briny is a pretty magical place to be.

Now I really think about it, brunch is pretty special here too. And they’re super kid friendly.

The fish and chips are fab, the seaweed (trust me) and the cocktails are great too.

10. King Street Tavern

You absolutely cannot beat King Street Tavern for its Sunday lunch. The meat is delicious and the portions are huge!

Sunday lunch in southsea

The charming King Street Tavern has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a favourite among both residents and visitors alike. As well as the epic Sunday lunches, they also have an amazing daily smoked menu, and they’re known for their excellent selection of craft beers, cask ales, and fine wines, the tavern is a haven for connoisseurs of quality libations. With its cozy interior and friendly staff, the King Street Tavern is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful culinary and social experience in Southsea.

11. Greek Tony’s

Greek Tony’s on Southsea Pier is better than it sounds!

On a sunny day, with a gyros box, and a beer from The Gaiety Bar, you could, almost, with a lot of imagination, be in Greece.

You can sit outside on the pier, at the tables and benches, and order from the hatch. This is the best place to eat on the pier, and the food is good too. A gyros from here is a great price too!

Best restaurants in Southsea for dinner

12. Sant Yago Southsea

Sant Yagos in Southsea is a beloved Spanish restaurant, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and authentic flavours. The menu has just been updated, and I’m only familiar with the old one, but I know it’ll feature tasty Spanish tapas, paellas, and grilled specialties, all crafted with care and using the finest ingredients.

Sant Yago’s extensive wine and cocktail list complements the dining experience perfectly. Enjoy a cosy dinner here, with the friendly staff and live music, and you’ll get a real taste of Spain right in the heart of Southsea.

If you visit, let me know what that new menu is like!

12. Sakura Southsea

Sakura Southsea is a delightful Japanese restaurant, with great food and a cool ambience inside with traditional tatami seating (booths and curtained tables).

Nestled in the heart of Southsea, this culinary gem offers an authentic taste of Japan. From fresh sushi and sashimi to mouthwatering teriyaki dishes and flavourful ramen, Sakura excels in delivering an array of Japanese culinary delights.

sushi in southsea

My boyfriend and I love it here, but we have to limit our visits as we definitely get carried away. The sashimi salad you see on that picture is just SO good. And the ramen, and the Southsea Sushi Special – get that!

13. Mangosteen Southsea

A great restaurant right at the heart of Southsea, on Palmerston Road. Mangosteen is vegetarian, and very delicious. With dishes like tofu katsu curry, beetroot gnocchi and vegan carbonara, the vegans that walk among us will love it here – and us carnivores too.

Last time I went I had this thali plate, which was a great way to try a few different things. Definitely recommend!

“Mangosteen, where veganism & vegetarianism is more about indulgence than abstinence. Combining ingredients that will change the way you view the cuisine forever.”


Best Southsea restaurants for takeaway

If you’re visiting Southsea for the festivals, or you’re planning a night in on your trip, or you’re actually just a local looking for somewhere new to eat, then these are the best takeaways in Southsea money can buy.

15. Desi

Desi is actually a sit down restaurant, but I’ve only ever had takeaway from there. Many times. Gawd their prawn curry is just so good. And their lamb biryani – the meat is just so succulent and tasty. They also do incredible herby chips.

Desi is without a doubt my favourite takeaway in Southsea. Yum YUM.

16. Rakuzen

Rakuzen is an all round Asian restaurant but it pips Sakura to the best takeaway in Southsea list because I just feel their food travels better.

Sakura is definitely the best sit down Japanese restaurant in Southsea, but I do prefer the takeaway from Rakuzen.

17. Anchor and Malt

And finally, the BEST fish and chips in Southsea, Anchor and Malt.

Always arrives hot, sometimes the fish is humongous and the chips are just perfectly done. I love this place.

In fact, I’m gonna have it tonight. I’ll get a photo!

Where to eat in Southsea

food in southsea

List of other restaurants in Southsea I’ve tried

Agora, Becketts, Deep Blue, Southsea Beach Club, Brewers Fayre, Meat & Barrel, Sopranos, Steki, Southsea Village, Umami, Monty’s, Lin’s Thai Cafe, Florence Arms, Koh Thai, Fah Thai, Pie & Vinyl, Marmion House, Sisters Cafe, Marmion House, Andrés, Parade Tea Rooms, Southsea Brewhouse & Kitchen, Rapscallions, Southsea Castle Courtyard, Maya, Merchant House, Bubble & Pho, Nemrut, Bombay Express, Los Dos Amigos, Panormus, Jessie’s Latin Lounge, The Vaults, Steam Rume, Six Highland Road, Cafe Fresco, The Fox, The Hideaway, Mumms, Croxtons, The Garden Southsea, Twins, Nicholsons, Thailand Cafe, Carter and Co, Cafe Fresco, Baffled, Galbi, Nara (48)

Takeaway in Southsea

Southsea Restaurants I NEED to try

Algarve’s Grill, Circolo, El Toro, Pinsarke, Ranchos, Greco, Zaytoona, Fuegos Street, Haldi, Cedar Lebanese Restaurant, Southsea Brunch Klub, Aroy-Dee Thai, Giuseppes, Rocka, Pad Thai, Siam Square, Noble House, The Chambers, Rokka, It’s Mustard (18)

where to eat in southsea

Southsea Restaurants

I hope this has been as fun for you to read as it was for me to put together!

I really spiralled into reading too many Southsea restaurant menus there. I now know what they’re all doing for Christmas!

If you have any questions about where to eat in Southsea, let me know in the comments box below.

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