10 Best Street Food in Nepal You NEED to Try

Nepal’s street food scene is a tantalising journey for the taste buds that’s as epic as the landscapes that surround it. Imagine savouring steaming momo dumplings while the cool mountain breeze kisses your cheeks, or discovering the secrets of spicy chaat vendors hidden amidst the chaotic Kathmandu streets. No idea what either of those things are? Well, you need to read this guide to the best street food in Nepal!

From being the home of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, to the Kathmandu Valley full of temples, Nepal is an incredible place to visit. Not only is it the birthplace of Buddha and the Himalayas, it also has glorious cuisine.

I’ve put together a list of the best street food in Nepal to make sure you know of, and get to try, all of it for when you travel to Nepal for an amazing trip.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or have a more savoury favouring palette there’s something here for you; meat eaters and vegetarians can both rejoice in the differences the list has it all. As you wander the fascinating streets of Nepal get ready to eat some of these must-try dishes that have become icons of the region.

What’s the best street food in Nepal to eat?

Too hard to give you one answer, so thought I’d give you a list of 10 must-try, must-love types of street food you can find easily in Nepal.

1. Momos

This stuffed dumpling is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal. Momos are made with a thin layer of dough and filled with a mixture of minced meat (such as buffalo, chicken, or sometimes pork), vegetables, and various spices.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Momos

They are often served steamed or fried and come with a side of tangy and spicy dipping sauces, like tomato achar or sesame-tamarind chutney. Apparently, the word momo comes from a Chinese word meaning steamed bread and it is thought they were introduced to Nepal from Tibet. These are so tasty they are automatically added to my list of best street foods in Nepal.

2. Sel Roti

If you have a sweet tooth then you’ll love this Nepal street food! Sel Roti is a traditional rice-based, ring-shaped sweet dough, usually made during festivals and special occasions – think thin doughnuts.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Sel Roti

They are mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar, widely celebrated Hindu festivals in Nepal as well as Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim regions in India. I’ve been told it is also customary to hand over a basket full of freshly fried Selroti to the bride’s parents by the groom during marriage among the Nepalis. The batter is made from rice flour and then it’s deep-fried until golden brown resulting in a crispy exterior and a soft, doughy interior. My mouth is watering already!

3. Gundruk

Considered to be a national dish of Nepal, Gundruk is a unique dish made by fermenting leafy green vegetables, usually mustard leaves. The leaves are pickled, sun-dried, and then stored before often used to prepare a variety of soups, stews, or side dishes.

must-try Street Foods in Nepal Gundruk

Gundruk has a distinctive tangy flavour, some call it sour, some liken it to pickles; you may see this as a divisive marmite-type food but it can be great on the side of many main courses. With it being so popular not just in Nepal but also in regions of India, Bhutan and Myanmar it is definitely worth adding to the best street foods in Nepal list.

4. Yomari

These elegant, distinctive and characterfully fish-shaped delicacies are some of the best street food in Nepal. Yomari are sweet dumplings that are a speciality during the Yomari Punhi festival.

popular Street Foods in Nepal Yomari

Yomari Punhi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of the Newar community from Kathmandu Valley and is a post-harvest festival. The dumpling, which is the start of the show during the festival, is made from rice flour (from the new harvest) and filled with a sweet mixture of chaku (molasses) or khuwa (condensed milk), sesame seeds, and sometimes coconut. It has a unique, slightly sweet taste. Apparently its origins are in the words “Yau” and “Mari”. In Newari, “Yau” means love and “Mari” means bread. Yomari literally means “the bread adored by everybody” which means it more than earns its place on my best street foods in Nepal list.

5. Pani Puri AKA Golgappa

Pani Puri, known by various names in different regions such as Golgappa, are amongst the best street foods in Nepal. They are conveniently bite-size and made of a hollow, crispy-fried puffed ball that is filled with potato, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavoured water (pani), usually tamarind or mint, and eaten whole.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Pan Puri

The combination of crisp puris and the tasty filling makes one of the most popular foods around. I know I could easily get carried away and eat many!

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6. Lassi

Without even having travelled to Nepal, you may be familiar with Lassi due to its popularity in curry houses in the UK. I’ve tried the sweet varieties and it’s delicious. To give you the background, Lassi is a traditional yoghurt-based drink available in sweet or salty variations.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Lassi

Sweet lassi is made with yoghurt, sugar, and sometimes fruit, while salty lassi includes yoghurt, water, salt, and spices. It’s served cold and was invented to combat the warm weather however we don’t often have that problem in the UK. It is the perfect antidote after a very hot or spicy curry though with its thick, cooling nature. It’s almost a desert and definitely amongst the best street foods in Nepal.

7. Bara

Bara are thick savoury pancakes made from lentil paste with ground black gram (urad dal) then mixed with spices, onions, and sometimes ginger and garlic. This elevates the batter by adding lots of flavour.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Bara

They are deep-fried until crispy and are often served with a side of achar, which is a spicy and tangy pickle. You can even eat them plain or add a topping such as egg or minced meat. Versatile and delicious they more than earn their place on my best street food in Nepal list.

8. Samosa

Now I’m sure most of us will be familiar with Samosas. I know I have lovingly eaten them numerous times and that’s not even when in Nepal! For others who are new to the Samosa lifestyle let me fill you in.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Samosas

Samosas are usually triangular-shaped little pastries filled with a mixture of spiced potatoes, peas, and whilst often vegetarian you can sometimes have them filled with meat. The outer layer is made from a thin wheat dough, and the entire pastry is deep-fried until golden brown. You can eat these delicious treats as they are but also

Samosas are commonly served with mint chutney for you to dip to your heart’s content. On a list about the best street food in Nepal, Samosas have to be there! If you fall in love and want to make them for yourself when home, here’s a recipe!

9. Chatamari

Nepal? Pizza? Yes, Chatamari is often referred to as the Nepali pizza and it’s easy to see why. It is a type of rice crepe that is thin and wide, topped with minced meat (chicken or buffalo), eggs, and various vegetables.

popular Street Foods in Nepal to try includes Chatamari

It’s cooked until the edges are crispy, and it is sliced before serving. Handy to eat on the go, customisable to your tastes and gorgeous they are definitely some of the best street food in Nepal.

10. Sekuwa

Mouth-wateringly appetising, Sekuwa is a popular grilled meat skewer, often prepared with marinated pieces of chicken, buffalo, or pork. It will be familiar to many people as a staple BBQ-style food.

Best Street Foods in Nepal Sekuwa

The meat is marinated in a mixture of spices, including cumin, coriander, and ginger-garlic paste, before being skewered and grilled to perfection – a cert for the best street food in Nepal! It can be served as an appetiser on its own or you can opt to make more of a meal of it and serve them with rice or salad.

It’s hard to decide what to opt for first isn’t it? I’m sure reading all about the best street food in Nepal has made you hungry!

Make a note as to whether you want a glass of Lassi or a succulent samosa. One great thing about street food is that you really get to experience the authentic tastes of the place and even have a conversation with locals which will warm your heart. From the beloved momos to the sweet celebration of Sel Roti, I hope I’ve whet your appetite for the best street food in Nepal.

Best street food in Nepal quicklist

  • 1. Momos
  • 2. Sel Roti
  • 3. Gundruk
  • 4. Yomari
  • 5. Pani Puri AKA Golgappa
  • 6. Lassi
  • 7. Bara
  • 8. Samosa
  • 9. Chatamari
  • 10. Sekuwa

What is the most famous food in Nepal?

The most renowned food in Nepal is undoubtedly Dal Bhat. This staple meal consists of lentil soup (dal) served over boiled rice (bhat) and is often accompanied by vegetable curries, pickles, and sometimes meat. It’s not just a dish; it’s a part of the Nepalese cultural identity, offering a glimpse into the simplicity and heartiness of the local cuisine.

What is the price of street food in Nepal?

Street food in Nepal is remarkably affordable, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists. Prices can vary depending on the location and the type of food, but generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 300 Nepalese Rupees for a substantial serving. This translates to roughly 0.32 to 1.97 GPB, offering great value for money and a chance to try a variety of dishes without breaking the bank.

What is the most popular street food in Nepal?

The most popular street food in Nepal is arguably Momos. These delicious dumplings are filled with either vegetables or meat and are either steamed or fried. Served with a spicy dipping sauce, momos are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a reflection of the cultural blend in Nepalese cuisine, showing influences from neighbouring countries like Tibet and India.

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