10 Best Souvenirs from Switzerland to Remember Your Trip By

Of course chocolates and watches are on this list of best souvenirs from Switzerland, but there are many other things you might want to buy as keepsakes from your trip…

Switzerland is one of the most stunning countries in Europe… in the world even!

It’s not exactly your Caribbean or Mediterranean hot beach vibes, but it’s the type of holiday where you’ll feel like you’ve had fresh air, great food and been surrounded by sophistication.

Oh, and it’s got some of the most breathtaking landscapes.

Think lakes, mountains, charming cities, alpine homes, cosy villages, valleys, forests, rivers, nature reserves and more.

Beyond the obvious natural beauty of Switzerland, it’s a really modern country and super stylish too. It’s in the heart of Europe, which no doubt blend together to make it rich in culture. After all, it’s got four official languages; German, French, Italian and Romansh making it a haven for multilinguals. German is the most widely spoken but French is prevalent in the west and Italian in the south. So if you’re looking for a place to speak different languages then Switzerland should be right up your street!

When holidaying in Switzerland you will have a number of unique experiences and culinary delights you will want to remember forever. I’ve put together a list of the best souvenirs from Switzerland to whet your appetite.

From food, jewellery, homeware to tools it’s all on the list.

10 top souvenirs to buy from Switzerland

From watches to cheese, and chocolate to music boxes, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to the best Swiss souvenirs.

1. Swiss watches

Let’s start as we mean to go on shall we? Rolexes!

Now of course there are more watches in Switzerland than just Rolexes but I absolutely had to mention the world’s most famous and sought after luxury brand of watches since they are Swiss. This may be one of the VERY best souvenirs from Switzerland but perhaps only if you were looking for an investment, an art piece or a once in a lifetime gift. I couldn’t not mention it though!

swiss watches are the ultimate souvenirs from Switzerland

Aside from Rolex, Swiss watches across the board have an unrivalled reputation for quality craftsmanship and precision watchmaking. There are many other brands for you to choose from such as Swatch which are still Swiss, still high quality and elegant and would still be a stunning souvenir from Switzerland.

Certainly one you could be showing off for generations to come, especially as some actually appreciate in value over time!

2. Chocolates

Now, this may be more your taste – chocolate!

I’m sure we’ve all heard that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world and therefore that automatically means it is one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland. Just like their watches, the Swiss have a reputation for making the highest quality chocolate and you’ve probably tried a couple of their most famous brands.

swiss chocolates are great souvenirs to bring back from Switzerland as gifts

Lindt (OMG so rich and creamy!) are a Swiss brand and not only are their Lindt balls and bunnies to die for but they make an excellent gift to travel with – packable, affordable and delicious what more could you ask for?!

Definitely my favourite chocolate anyways.

Then there’s Toblerone, the ultimate travellers Chocolate! You may see this in airports all over but now you have a chance to actually buy it from the country it’s made in. Also, have you ever noticed the bear in the mountains in their logo?! It was literally only recently I was made aware of this and now I can’t un-see it!

But apart from the most famous brands there are countless artisan bakeries which make the most gorgeous handmade truffles, pralines, bars and even hot chocolate mixes. Whilst gifting a plethora of chocolate to others don’t forget to get some for yourself. Easily one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland. YUM.

3. Swiss cheese

Surely Swiss Cheese is the most famous in the world, even if it is just for its iconic look – I mean who could forget those distinctive holes?

I feel like it is featured in every cartoon growing up – looking at you Tom and Jerry!

best souvenirs from Switzerland for foodies

Of course there’s more to it than its looks however, its pale yellow and mild, nutty flavour make it a favourite the world over with varieties including Emmental and Gruyere. It’s an important part of Swiss culinary heritage and therefore makes it one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland.

Also, buying Swiss cheese as a gift makes an epic excuse to go to one of the many beautiful farmer’s markets throughout Switzerland. Not only would it be organic but to buy it from source is a gift in itself. Another option is one of the local cheese shops called ‘Fromageries’ which have a huge variety for all you cheese lovers to choose from.

4. Swiss army knife

This souvenir might only be suitable if you’ve got baggage you can put in the hold as I’m not sure a swiss army knife would be allowed in hand luggage – double check with your airline before you travel.

Best gifts for travel lovers

With that being said, a swiss army knife is an iconic piece of kit and, just like their watches, are made of the highest quality making it not only a practical gift but a unique souvenir from Switzerland. They come in various sizes and models too and house a multitude of functions from screwdrivers to bottle openers, so you may very well be using this souvenir for years to come! 

5. Cuckoo clocks

Hear me out – these are one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland; I mean they are so unique, so old-school, and they have a little bit of the history of Switzerland baked into them. With various intricate designs, ornate and elaborate ones or smaller simpler ones they all still have character and ultimately have the one thing we are all looking for: a cuckoo bird that announces the time with its presence and sound.

Swiss cuckoo clocks are unique souvenir ideas from Switzerland

This is definitely not a run of the mill gift from a holiday you can get in lots of different countries. So if you’re looking for a souvenir that’s charming, idiosyncratic, full of craftsmanship, and a talking piece for your home when you next have friends around, I fully recommend it.

6. Cowbells from Switzerland

Similar to Cuckoo clocks, the Swiss cowbells are not a souvenir that you’re going to find in every other country in the world and therefore makes them unique and one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland. I mean the sound is very much associated with the Swiss Alps and you’re not often going to be in the Swiss Alps, so you can take the vibes home with you!

Swiss cow bells are unusual gift ideas from Switzerland

They make for a traditional and decorative souvenir, come in various sizes and designs and are often adorned with painted Swiss motifs. Charming, funny, cute – what more could you want?

7. St Bernard dog souvenirs 

Known for their historic role as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps, St Bernard dogs are widely recognised and associated with the area and therefore there are lots of souvenirs featuring them.

St Bernard dog souvenirs are good gifts from Switzerland for kids
Swiss House Shop

Teddies with miniature barrels around their necks, figurines to decorate your home, mugs emblazoned with their gorgeous faces are all available to take home with you; as are prints, shirts and magnets and probably many more things are available with the famous, gentle, loveable dogs likeness on.

So if you’re a dog lover and want to combine your love of Switzerland and canines then St Bernard merch is definitely for you!

8. Fondue sets from Switzerland

Swiss cheese fondue has its origins in the Swiss Alpine region initially as a hearty meal for farmers but now is loved and eaten the world over. One of the things people love about fondue nowadays is its very communal nature; it can be a very social eating experience which at the end of the day is the best way to eat – with friends, family and lots of laughter.

top souvenirs from Switzerland include fondue sets

Take home a traditional Swiss cheese fondue set from your travels and it will automatically be one of the best souvenirs from Switzerland you could have. It’s the gift that keeps giving, putting that Swiss cheese to use and entertaining friends with a fondue set from its birthplace. They are widely available all over Switzerland, though may be a little more expensive in tourist shops.

If you’re looking to save money, perhaps look for one in a larger general retailer.

However if you love to haggle with a local than try a traditional Swiss market, they may even have unique designs to choose from there.

9. Heidi-related merchandise

‘Heidi’ is a classic Swiss novel by Johanna Spyri and has played a significant role in Swiss culture. You can find ‘Heidi’ books, dolls, and merchandise featuring the beloved character and her story. These items are great for literature enthusiasts and collectors.

Heidi-inspired items are typical souvenirs from Switzerland

10. Music boxes

A really enchanting gift you could buy whilst in Switzerland is a music box. They are such beautiful pieces, so romantic and also full of artisan craftsmanship – like many other things in Switzerland. They are lovingly made with such skill and care and come in a variety of designs.

Swiss music boxes are top souvenirs to bring back home

Some of them have hand-painted scenes, intricate woodwork, and play multiple classical melodies. You can even get compact ones which would certainly be cheaper and easier to get home safely in your suitcase.

Popular tourist destinations like Lucerne have a number of souvenir shops that sell Swiss music boxes, with Lucerne being particularly well known for speciality music box stores – although these will be more expensive.

If you’re really intent on bagging an extra special music box then check out the antique shops, fairs and flea markets as Switzerland has a rich history of music box making.

What are the best souvenirs from Switzerland?

Ten of the absolute best souvenirs from Switzerland there for you. I hope that has set your imagination on fire!

There is so much artsy and wonderful handmade things to be found in Switzerland which is no surprise due their fame for quality, detail and craftsmanship in everything from jewellery, through homeware to culinary delights. Will it be watches, clocks, chocolate, cheese, or music boxes?

The choice is yours!

Quicklist of souvenirs from Switzerland to buy

  1. Swiss watches
  2. Chocolate
  3. Swiss cheese
  4. Swiss army knife
  5. Cuckoo clocks
  6. Cowbells
  7. St Bernard dog souvenirs 
  8. Fondue sets
  9. Heidi-related merchandise
  10. Music boxes

What is Switzerland famous for selling?

Brands like Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe have set the gold standard in watch-making. Additionally, Swiss chocolate is legendary, with its rich flavours and superior quality delighting connoisseurs worldwide. Swiss cheese, particularly varieties like Gruyère and Emmental, is also highly sought after.

What can you buy cheap in Switzerland?

Truth be told, Switzerland is not typically associated with ‘cheap’ purchases, given its reputation for high living costs and premium quality goods. However, relative bargains can be found in certain areas. For instance, Swiss chocolate can be more affordable when bought in larger supermarkets as opposed to tourist shops. Similarly, local markets may offer competitive prices on fresh produce and regional specialties. It’s also worth exploring factory outlets for Swiss watches, where you might snag a deal on last season’s models.

What are good small gifts from Switzerland to take back with you?

When considering small gifts to bring back from Switzerland, you might want to think about Swiss chocolates in beautifully packaged boxes, miniature Swiss Army knives, which are not only iconic but also practical keepsakes, or small cheese assortments, particularly of hard-to-find local varieties. Don’t overlook the charming range of Swiss cowbell souvenirs – they really encapsulate the Alpine spirit and you can’t find them elsewhere.

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