Sabre and InterparkTriple announce strategic technology partnership

The fast-growing Online Travel Agency and Sabre will collaborate to attract millions more visitors to South Korea through AI-powered innovation. Sabre Corporation announced a strategic technology partnership with South Korea’s largest Online Travel Agency (OTA), InterparkTriple. The agreement will bring together InterparkTriple’s online travel platform and Sabre’s cutting-edge Travel AI technology, which was developed with Google.

The collaboration aims to leverage Sabre’s Travel AI microservices with InterparkTriple’s proprietary platform, providing users with enhanced functionalities and personalized experiences powered by artificial intelligence (AI). As part of this long-term partnership, Sabre and InterparkTriple will have the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and test new ideas. By leveraging InterparkTriple’s resourceful start-up mentality together with Sabre Travel AI, the companies aim to co-create solutions that not only enhance the InterparkTriple travel platform, but also have the potential to be scaled and offered to other customers globally.

“We are playing a pivotal role in developing South Korea into an inbound travel giant through enhanced travel content and AI technology” said Jun Shin, Head of Travel Business, InterparkTriple. “So, we’re incredibly excited about the possibilities this new partnership with Sabre brings. Sabre’s Travel AI technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing appealing, personalized solutions, so we can give our users the tailored travel options they want and demand.”

InterparkTriple, which is owned by parent company Yanolja, was formed through a merger of travel and ticketing company Interpark and AI-driven travel planning platform Triple. InterparkTriple has already established a new corporation for its AI travel business, called Encode AI. It is accelerating the development of a Korean travel platform aimed at attracting inbound tourists, with ambitious goals of helping to draw more than 50 million visitors into South Korea annually by 2028. This new platform supports hyper-personalized Korean travel by creating customized itineraries through AI, including the development of travel products that cater to global travellers’ evolving interest in South Korea, such as destinations and experiences tied to K-pop and K-dramas.

“There’s more choice in the global travel marketplace than ever before, and so to be successful, travel agents need to differentiate themselves,” said Brett Thorstad, Vice President, Sabre Travel Solutions, Agency Sales and Airline Distribution, Asia Pacific. “InterparkTriple’s focus on AI to further personalize offers for travellers is key to their differentiated approach. We’re delighted that this collaboration strengthens Sabre’s position as a trusted technology partner for large global OTAs, while opening up avenues for future innovation and shared success.”




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